internal network connectivity and routing test

Does anyone know of any good software which will give me some checks on the speed on my internal network and also routing tests?
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Kamran ArshadConnect With a Mentor IT AssociateCommented:

For calculating the total available bandwidth, you may check the below tools;

Iperf      Open-Source
ttcp      Open-Source
Netperf      Open-Source
NetQoS      Propriety
Qcheck      Propriety
simplenetsoftware      Propriety
Bandwidth Meter      Propriety

Personal recommendation are either using Iperf or QCheck. Iperf is client-server while QCheck is peer-to-peer. What sort of routing test do you want to perform so that I can suggest an application for it.
willbaclimonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Whats your budget? Solarwinds Orion is good. If you want something cheaper try Whatsupgold
Steve JenningsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
There are lots of sites for this free product, iperf. It won't give you much in the way of routing info but it will give you very accurate info about bandwidth.

What kind of routing info are you looking for?

Good luck,
Techno-Man-ukAuthor Commented:
hi thanks for the list, in terms of routing, I have 2 offices connected via vpn, some users at one of the sites are experiencing realy slow performance on the network, i've checked all settings and seems ok, just wanted to check how there getting to the main site and if i can change anything on the network so they hit the servers in a more direct way.
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:
Thanks for the update. Tracert is a nice command to check the no. of hops.

C:\>tracert IPADDRESS

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