File\Data Recovery from a NTFS HDD that MAY have been written over

To cut a long story short I formatted and re-configured a Windows XP PC for a user (taking a backup of the usual files) however they still use Lotus Word Pro and unbeknownst to me it stores its templates & glossary in a file under Program Files which I didn't think to backup.

So, does anyone know if there is any software/programs that could retrieve these files, considering that;
The space they occupied MAY have be written over (though it is a 150Gb drive with only 20(ish)Gb being used)

I already have a full copy of 'Get Data Back' and haved tried a couple of other 3rd party software demos but these just return the current file structure, they don't show ANY deleted files (which I thought was a little strange?!?)

The files aren't important enough to take the specialist recovery route and could be recreated but would take time.

Any suggestions will be greatfully received . . . .
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you know the file extension of the files you are trying to recover?

If you find them in this list: you could try PhotoRec:

It is most conveniently used by booting off the Parted Magic boot CD:

Here's a step by step guide:

But I admit that chances are very low. There isn't much you can do when the clusters actually got overwritten.
If you have formatted the drive, I would look for any other options... has the user saved any of these setting anywhere off computer (is the only one I can think of).
wp179787Author Commented:
lacrewga: Thanks for the suggestion but if they did have a safe copy, I wouldn't be looking Data Recovery.

torimar: Thanks for that, they are .lwp files, I'll give that PhotoRec a try and see if it brings anything back.
wp179787Author Commented:
torimar: Unfortunately .lwp isn't a file extension that is recqonised (sp) by PhotoRec, oh well . . . .
in your request to close this question you state as a reason:
"I think the general consensus is that it can't be done . . . ."

According to the regulations of Experts-Exchange this counts as a correct answer in some cases. Please consult this page: > Asking Questions

The correct answer to some questions is "You can't do that."

Sometimes, you will get an answer that isn't what you want to read, but it still may be the correct answer, and you should award points to the Expert that gave you that answer.

In your present case, future inquirers into the E-E database will obtain the valuable information that such a kind of recovery cannot easily or cheaply be done (unless PhotoRec knows the filetype), which may spare them a question of their own.
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