Calculating Sum of Textbox Values via Client-Side Code in User Controls


I am creating a simple user control that will have 4 textboxes stacked on top of each other and then a label underneath that will calculate the sum of the textboxes with client-side code.  I know that you can essentially package javascript with a user control with the RegisterClientScript method but I'm having trouble figuring out how I can write the code so that I can have multiple controls on the page and each control will know to populate their total labels with the values from only their textboxes.  I would also like to be able to do it without having to register multiple versions of the same client script with references to different HTML controls in them.  Any thoughts on how I might achieve this?


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Use a regular javascript function (or functions), and bind the onchange JS event to that function.  The trick is that where you need to reference the .net controls, you need to put code like the attached snippet in place to get the correct value.
Document.getElementById('<%= DropDownList1.ClientID %>')

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MClarkCCRAuthor Commented:

I can see how that works, so lets say in the codebehind of my User Control I will do a RegisterClientScript for a function called something like

function SumTextBoxes(txt1, txt2, txt3, txt4, lblSum)
  // Add values of textboxes and assign to lblSum

that accepts the relevant controls as parameters and then register the function in the onChange event of every textbox ( i.e. onChange="SumTextBoxes(<%= txt1.ClientID %>, etc, etc, etc, etc);") and that should work, right?

Also, since I am using RegisterClientScript, each time I load a new control when it tries to register its clientscript it will see that it was previously added by another control and not create duplicate javascript, correct?

I'm not sure about whether you'd get duplicate js with RegisterClientScript.

What I was referring to was putting the JS function in the .aspx file (like you would a normal HTML page), not the code-behind.
MClarkCCRAuthor Commented:
I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't register it again, since you specify a keyname for the script when you register.  I'll just have to try it out to be sure.  The only reason I want to register the JS in the codebehind is so that anyone who uses the control in the future doesn't have to include a .js file with it or add the script to the top of the page.  It packages it all nice and neat together :) .  At any rate, I think I've got a good start to work with.  Thanks for your help!

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