Local Area Connection Authentication Failed

I have been noticing this issue for some time, and have not found a clear answer as to its cause.  I have a 2003 server with AD environment running about 60 workstations.  I have been noticing over the past several weeks that my Local Area Connection says Authentication failed.  However I am still able to access all of my network resources and the internet.  I am running Vista Ultimate 64bit with SP1.  Any information anyone can render will be appreciated.
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craigpfefferConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you for your help.  I actually figured this one out.  Somehow authentication got turned on on my NIC.  Some application I installed must have turned this feature on.  The only Authentication being used on the network is AD.


If it says Authentication failed.Think some part of the network will send out some wrong signals.
Think you can check all the LAN cables.
We had the same sort of issue.With authentication problems on multiple networks in our company network.We had gone and check each and every LAN connection on every workstation and found few of the pin heads of the cables to be non functional leading to such authentication problems.

This is just one possible solution you can try.Although it might or might not solve your problem it will certainly give you a start.I will try to find out if anything else can cause such a problem.
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