Mouse cursor icon weird in Outlook

When in Outlook 2003, mouse cursor changes to 'box' that looks like a bar-cone symbol. One can still click and drag, but it is much harder. How do I stop this from happening?
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akrdmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could try running a repair on outlook from the add/remove programs window.  Select change and there should be an option to repair.  Other wise you can use the installation media to run a repair on it.  It sounds like it might be some kind of add in or something.  Any way hope this helps/works.
Even though you are only seeing this in Outlook, you might also try going into the Mouse app within control panel and selecting the Pointers tab.  Pick a different scheme other than the default one and apply and OK the box shut and then go back in and select the default theme, or which ever one you're using, and apply.  See if that fixed the issue.
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