Logo prints out as a solid black box.

I have inserted a picture with our logo into letterhead and fax cover sheet. When I print the letter or coversheet the box with the logo is printed as a solid black box. Our logo isn't a solid black box. What is the problem?
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Hard to say. Is it possible to attached the document and may be we can look?
CindyDDAuthor Commented:
Sure, It shows up fine on the preview, but prints the black box.
Down-grade your printer driver from PCL6  to a PCL or PCL5.
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CindyDDAuthor Commented:
Try this. Let me know how this goes.

I tried it, it printed fine on both an inkjet and laserjet.
Since you mention it's printing black.. is this a laser printer?
you may want to try an updated driver if possible or print on another printer.

also.. post what printer brand and model it is.
I have a feeling your printer is old and doesn't have enought memory to buffer the logo.

CindyDDAuthor Commented:
The printer is an HP Officejet 7310 color All-in-one,
pssandhu: the test document did the same thing.
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
There seems to be a lot of this occurring in Word 2007.  One article mentions to be sure to UNCHECK compatibility with 97-2003 when saving the document.  I also found this on another site:

Word 2007 has a bug opening some pictures from Word 2003 and earlier
documents. Until Microsoft releases an official fix for this, here is a
workaround for pictures opening as black boxes.

1.      Using Word 2003, open the document containing pictures so they display

2.      Right click a picture in the document, then click Format Picture.

3.      Click Compress in the lower-left corner of the Picture tab.

4.      Check "All pictures in document" , "No Change" , and "Delete cropped
areas of pictures" , and uncheck "Compress pictures".

WARNING: This will delete the extra (unseen) portion of any "cropped"
Retain a backup copy of the original document in the event you may need to
adjust "cropped" image boundaries in the future. If this behavior is
undesired, or if any images are still not fixed in Word 2007, you may try
instead checking "Compress pictures", and unchecking "Delete cropped areas of
pictures". If that still fails, the only other known fix is copying and
pasting the images into a graphic editing program, saving them, and then
re-inserting them back into the document.

5.      Click File, Save As, and save the file with a revised name. All pictures
in the document should now open correctly in Word 2007.

6.      Confirm that the resulting file's pictures open correctly in Word 2007.

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CindyDDAuthor Commented:
Thank you that worked perfectly.  Just an FYI, I found the article "Solve Your Word 2003/2007 Compatibility Issues" on this link http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/27/AR2009052701915.html, in case it helps anyone.
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Great!  Thanks very much and for posting the link as well. The compatibility pack has been around for a while now and sometimes causes more confusion than helps!   I'm sure that will be helpful to others who come across this same problem and this thread.

Joanne Orzech
EE Zone Advisor
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