Outlook automatically moving emails from inbox to deleted items folder

I have a user whose computer started to automatically move emails from the inbox to the deleted items folder (they had Outlook 2003).  They had no rules or anything setup and there seemed to be no pattern.  Being as we were planning on making this user mobile, we built them up a new laptop and installed Office 2007.  With their old (main) computer off, they are now using their laptop and they are still having the same problem.  Emails in the inbox are getting moved to the deleted items folder.  I am at a loss and can't seem to figure out what is going on.  Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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I had the same thing happening when a rule was applied to a mailbox from a different machine. I assumed that the rule would not work when Outlook wasn't running on the machine. II could only conclude that even though Outlook wasn't running and the account wasn't setup on the problem machine anymore, the rule was still active.

I had to add the mailbox as the main mailbox again, when I did I could see the rule and delete it.
tborchardAuthor Commented:
I ended up working with Microsoft on this.  We used mfcmapi utility and deleted the IPM.Rule.Message and IPM.ExtendedRule.Message entries that were there.  It has been about 4 days now without incident.  Looks like it was just some hidden rules that were still being applied that we were unable to see in the Outlook interface.


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The use of the MFCMAPI tool comes with a fairly scary disclaimer from MS at the top of their instructions for using the tool (see link below)


I understand that this incident occured a few years back, but can you remember if you encountered any residual issues, or problems with exchange server after using this tool to delete the rules with the message classes you mentioned?

tborchardAuthor Commented:
Any changes that were made were done on the users workstation.  There were no changes made to the exchange server because of this issue.  I know that's not very helpful, sorry.
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