Microsoft Access Forms With Combo List

How can I create a display only form in MS Access to display all the rows in a table, with one of the fields being a combo box so the result would be:

PartNo - Description - Products(Combo)

For the Products(Combo), I wanted to specify the source as an SQL Query that displays all the Products associated with the PartNo (in that row)
I would need to refer to the field in that particular row somehow in the SQL statement but I cant work out how to specify it.

Anyone know the best way to achieve this ?
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Can you give us a couple of sample rows from your table?

ls21gceAuthor Commented:
Hi Calpurnia,

Please See the two tables attached.

I want to see only 1 line of output for each record which includes the comb list of Product_Code/Qty
I'm assuming your form will be displayed in 'Continuous forms' view.

The first thought that comes to mind is to set the Row Source for the Combo box in the 'On current' event of the form.

Then you'd be looking at something like:

Private Sub Form_Current()
    Dim strSQL As String
    strSQL = "SELECT * FROM Products WHERE [Number]=" & Me!Number
    Me.Combo1.RowSource = strSQL
End Sub

You'll need to change 'Combo1' to the name of your combo box.

Could I also suggest that you don't use 'Name', 'Number' and 'Date' as field names - they can cause problems. Field names like 'ClientName' or 'ProductNumber' are fine. It's also good practice to avoid spaces in field names.

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ls21gceAuthor Commented:
Hi Calpurnia,
Great thanks, the solution using Me! works perfectly just what I needed.
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