Program Exiting Procedure Before Completing Instructions

When I step thruought the code, the vb stepper lands right on instruction "frmForm.Add(f)" below.  When I press F8 again instead of it being executed and flowing down to the next instruction, it just exists out of the procedure.  I tried placing On error goto 0 before it and it did not help.  When I try to reference  frmForm(TabNumber) later in the program, it comes up empty.  Any suggestions?

Dims:   Public frmForm As List(Of PDF_ML_Form)
           Dim f As New PDF_ML_Form
           f.TabID = TabPages.Count
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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Did you INSTANTIATE your "frmForm" List?

You have:

    Public frmForm As List(Of PDF_ML_Form)

You need to use the "New" keyword:

    Public frmForm As New List(Of PDF_ML_Form)

Or have you already done this via code somewhere else?

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HainKurtSr. System AnalystCommented:
do you get any exception? or do you have any exception handler that calls your procedure?

maybe your code & compiled versions are different, try to clean up your project and rebuild before debugging...
GarySBAuthor Commented:
Thank You Idle_Mind The New keyword solved it.
I posed another question similar to this. Title 'How to update a List(Of...
I'm trying to simply update the entire frmForm() with the latest displayed data.  I'm using
BOMaterial.frmForm(TabPage) = BOMaterial.BOM_TabControl1.TabPages(TabPage).Container But it seems to save a single item (blank) instead of the entire form.  Is it possible for you to switch over to the other question?
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