Photoshop cs4 will not open this gif. How do I convert it so that it will?

I downloaded this gif from a web site (free to use). It displays fine on my web site and windows opens it fine. But Photoshop give me a message that it can not parse it. I have attached the file to this question.

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s8webConnect With a Mentor Commented:
djpazza provides a good work-around, however my cs4 opened it with no problems. I think you might have a problematic install of photoshop.
djpazzaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could get the flag on the screen then press print screen button on your keyboard and then paste the screen into photoshop and crop.

You could trying opening in paint and copy and paste into photoshop.

You can opening the gif directly from the website.  Right click the gif and copy the image location e.g

Then in photoshop - open and paste into the file bar.
Philip_SparkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It opened fine for me in CS4

I've resaved as a png
BPSRobertAuthor Commented:
I will reinstall cs4
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