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I have a customer using an HP Officejet 5590 and HP Solution Centre. We are attempting to configure a default so that when a particular button on the scanner is pressed, each document from the ADF will be scanned in as a separate PDF file. Unfortunately, this is proving to be very difficult. Every time I change the Button Preferences in Solution Centre, save the settings then press the button on the scanner, the settings default back to storing in Bitmap form.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can force solution centre to pick up these settings? Thanks.
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

It pays to walk away from something for a while and then return to re-attempt troubleshooting.

When I visited the client today, I launched HP Solution Centre and noticed there is an option down the left of the window where you can pick a different scanner to change the settings for. It is not made particularly clear, however clicking on the only icon in this pane opened an area for "HP Scanjet 5590 #2".

What has happened is at some point, the scanner has been uninstalled and reinstalled, making the currently installed scanner the #2 model. Thus, I chose to edit the #2 model rather than the now non-existent #1 model, and the settings saved and work flawlessly.

The solution is simply to check multiple scanners are not listed in the left-pane the moment you open HP Solution Centre.

I think there will be a option for "Save Setting As Default"...go with that..
tigermattAuthor Commented:

There's no "Save as Default" option. The Solution Centre interface makes it appear that you are setting the default settings for when pressing the various buttons on the front of the scanner - the problem is, when you actually go and start a scan using the settings you think you have saved, it reverts back to defaults.
tigermattAuthor Commented:

I do appreciate your assistance in attempting to bring Expert activity to my question. Much appreciated. :-)
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