What speed to burn Vista ISO

Hi All,

I have download an Vista Home Premimum 32 bit verision from my school thru MSDNAA. I tried to burn in on a dvd but every time with 10 to 20 % of into installations, the installation crashes saying the files are corrupted. i contacted my school IT dept and they suggested to burn the ISO at a lower speed. they said any where between 4x to 8x. i have already wasted a dozen dvd's LOL but no success.

my question what is the recommened speed. Can someone please guide me.

Thanks i appreciate it.
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Re-Download the ISO from your MSDN account and re-burn the CD
Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
The speed of your burn directly relates to the speed of your resources.  IE, Hard Drive and interface, Processor, Burner and burner interface, available memory.  You cannot reliably burn faster than your slowest component.
Burnin at 1 or 2 speed is a probable option, but it will take a long time - start it before going to bed at night.
If you can normally burn at higher speeds, then the issue is not the burn speed.  Redownload the file, like youngrmy said.
niceoneishereAuthor Commented:
Ok will try that again. Thanks guys. Hopefully it will work, Will keep you posted with the results.
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what application are you using to burn the same. 4X should definitely be a speed at which the burning should be fine.
   I have had similar issues before and i extracted the iso file using application like winrar/poweiso and you can see if you get a error related to file CRC/other.
  If you have a test pc where you have xp try to copy the extracted installation files and do click on setup and do a manual upgrade from xp to vista and see if that works.

or a simple solution is to download vmware workstation trial from

create a virtual machine of vista in a decent machine.
setup vista with the iso. (in vmware we can directly boot from an ISO)
See if the installation suceeds with the iso file

So.. this way we can find out if its the ISO file / DVD drive / the application thats used for burning the iso.

John GriffithConsultantCommented:
Use IngBurn to burn the ISO.  I use it the same way you want to.  Use DVD-R discs
Maybe it is the downloaded Vista ISO.  To check this out, download Server 2008 directly from Microsoft.  It is the same build as Vista SP1 and is available for a trial period of 60 days, renewable to 240 days, which will get you through Christmas.
The last alternative - Windows 7 RC - the updated version of Windows 7 beta that came out 5 months ago.
John GriffithConsultantCommented:
niceoneishereAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys it worked i burned at 4x speed everything went fine. But i have one more question i can open  up a new post, but is it possible to install vista on External USB 2.0 Hard Drive ( 320 GB).
Thanks i appreciate it.

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Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
I personally have never tried, but I have heard it is possible if your system has native USB support (Bootable) within the BIOS.  That is, if your system supports booting to a USB drive, then you should be able to do it.
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