Windows XP Professional / Netbooks

Taking brands out of consideration, are their any ways to install Windows XP Professional on a Netbook? We are struggling because our school would like to utilize these, but with Windows XP Home we lose central management. IE Group Policy, Accounts, etc.

Assistance would be appreciated!
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i used to work at the school district.
unless you have VERY WEIRD laptops, you shouldnt have problem migrating from Home to Pro.
the way we did it: we had an agreement with MS, as an educational non-profit organization you are entitled for good discounts.
Get the xp disks, install it on one of the laptops, configure, update it.
Then take the image, and upload it on all other laptops.
assumption1: all laptop are the same model. If not, need to get 1 representative from the each pack
assumption2: you need some kind of ghosting software. Symantec ghost, LANDesk, Acronis, whateverelseyoucanthinkof. I dont know if you have something already, or you going to have to look into it. From experience, having ghosting software is priceless at schools, with large number of PC that often need to be re-imaged.
If XP home is installed, you can also install XP Pro on it provided you have the licenses. The drivers used are the same for either OS. Just make sure you have recovery media for the original system so you can return it to factory defaults if necessary. As most PC's these days don't get delivered with installation media or recovery media, they usually have a utility installed which allows you to create your own set, and that should always be done as soon as you have done the first few bootups.

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Microsoft restricts netbooks to home edition. Can't be done at this point from what I've read
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oh, sorry, re-read the question. You want it on NETbook, not NOTEbook.
scratch my post, doesnt apply
deltacollegeoitAuthor Commented:
So by restricting this, is Microsoft saying no via licensing regulations or will it not install and they have some type of hardware / software block?
That doesn't mean you can't install XP Pro on a netbook if you have the XP Pro License. You just won't get one preinstalled with XP Pro, and you may have problems installing an OEM XP Pro version on it.
If you have open license XP software and Norton Ghost you can just install XP on one of the netbooks then ghost it and install the rest through the network since most of the netbooks don't come with an optical drive.

Here is a link to the manual for the Ghost software that I use:

If you have the time it might be worth it to setup a RIS server also.  (Pretty detailed setup compared to the previous suggestion)

Good luck and keep us posted.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
>>Microsoft restricts netbooks to home edition. Can't be done at this point from what I've read

This is simply a restriction on computer retailers, they cannot supply your Netbook with XP Pro as M$ won't issue CoAs for OEM installs of XP.  There is no hardware lock & there are certainly many people wandering around with XP Pro on their Netbooks so M$ aen't using any hardware info like the presence of an Atom processor to block registration.

(not intended to duplicate rindi's last comment just to elaborate)

Go for the normal boot for USB process to install.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I think this is solved:
XP Home was the only OS flavor supplied with NetBooks because of a restriction placed by Microsoft on manufacturers COAs
There is no restriction on changing the O/S once the system is supplied provded the usual legal licencing applies
This could even be done by setting one device up and then ghosting the image over a newtork boot or even an RIS server.

I'd suggest rindi gets the accept for #24495813
and there are assists at #24495821, #24495891 (rindi again), #24495926 & #24496241
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