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We have two file servers both with VSS enabled and working, they have been working for over a year now. Recently the Previous Version Tab on our XP clients disappeared for one of the server shares only. Still there for the other server and works fine. When looking at the VSS configuration on the server it is okay and there are current snap shots.  I do not see any errors relating to this in the event logs.

The Server is 2003 R2 and the clients are XP SP3.  For both servers the volumes are on an iSCSI SAN.
Any ideas how to brig the tab back?
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MightySWConnect With a Mentor Commented:

A reboot on the server should fix it.  You may have to take the share down as well.

Please see here:

gglollcAuthor Commented:
Thanks, yes I saw that post, I was hoping for something else since I have to wait for the weekend to take that server down. I will report back if that fixes it.
Roger that.

Seems to be a bug with Win2k3 and iSCSI stuff coupled with XP clients.  So many things to fix with so little time.

Good luck
gglollcAuthor Commented:
Yep, that worked. Thanks for the info.
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