How do I solve odd data service issues with some blackberries that lose internet access?

We have 200 blackberries in our company and I know of 3 that lose internet access on, what appears to be, a random schedule.  We have deleted the users, re-activated their accounts, etc. but it never clears up the problem.  The only thing that works everytime to clear up the problem is to completely reboot the Blackberry Server.  We don't do any configuration change, just reboot it.  Once we do that, they are able to get back on the internet and work fine.  

I have tried just shutting down our Domino server and starting it back up again, but that doesn't clear the issue.  Other people don't even notice a problem with the internet on their blackberries during the times of the internet not working.  One of the people who is experiencing the problem stops receiving mail as well on his blackberry.  So it appears he loses all data service.  Do the blackberries come back through our corporate BES server for internet access?

We don't have any policies in place to shut down access to the internet.  Can some one tell me what might be going on and how to fix it?  
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Sounds like a connection problem, drivers, TCP/IP, low-level anyway, so nowhere near Domino-related.

Please give us the juicy details: releases, version numbers, server and/or PC O/S plus versions, anything that might seem relevant.

Did you contact RIM about this? I think they have a forum for these types of problems.
michreynAuthor Commented:
Domino release is 6.5.4, BES version 4.0.7, Server is Windows 2003 Standard Edition with SP2.

I agree that it doesn't sound like a Domino question.  The fact that I can shut down Domino completely and start it back up again without the problem going away made me believe that it wasn't Domino related.  It sounds like something going on with Windows on the machine, but the thing I can't understand is why the device would stop being able to get to the internet. To me, I would think that internet access for the Blackberry would have nothing to do with whether the BES server is up and running.  And yet, when I reboot the BES server, the device can suddenly get to the internet again.  Strange.

I have not contact RIM about the problem.  Good advice, I will post something on the RIM forum to see what might come out of there.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

Also, rember that BES 5.0 is now out and has failover redundancy via High availability.

so consider that option for an upgrade soon.

I hope this helps !
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Hi, this just sounds like an issue with the BES MDS service.  Can you please perform the following steps:

1. Open BlackBerry Manager.
2. Right click on the server name and click on Mobile Data Service Properties.
3. In the General tab, under Flow Control, increase the Max KB/Connection value to 1024.

Also when you go to "Mobile data services properties > HTTP > Authentication Timeout" what is the value set as?

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michreynAuthor Commented:
The Authentication Timeout is set to 3600000.  It is grayed out, so I can't change it.  I have made the modification to the Flow Control setting.  

After checking the BES forums, I came to the conclusion that it sounded like an MDS problem as well.  I wasn't sure what to do about it though.

We are going to be going to Domino 8.x at some point this fall.  Along with that process, we will be most likely upgrading our BES server to version 5.0.  I hope that doesn't add more problems into the mix.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Going to BES 4.1.6 or BES 5.0.0 will greatly improve your situation and will be a prerequisite to support Domino 8.5.  
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