SOP documents for Network Equipment

Hi Experts!!
I'm are setting up our enterprise network that comprises of firewalls, routers, switches, ASA, Syslog server ...etc.

Now, i have a need to build Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document for network security and for network devices.

Can any one guide me how to write these SOP documents or send me a sample but full fledged that i can work it out for myself.

Would appreciate an early reponse. thanks:)
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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

I can help you with auditing the security devices as well as switches configurations. Nipper is a nice tool;
vbongaralaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your prompt reply.

But i'm looking for how to create SOP documents for network devices.....would appreciate if you can help me this.

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vbongaralaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response...but i was looking to prepare SOP  for network devices or network security.
Carlos DiazTraining Programs ManagerCommented:
I don't have the document you're looking for, but it looks like we need more info.  It sounds like you want to create something that includes a brief(1 or 2 lines) description of the purpose of each type of security device, followed by possibly an area of responsibility listing, then maybe a device maintenance schedule, a network audits schedule, and maybe a printable checklist.  Again, I don't have this sort of document on hand, but is this the right general idea of what you want to accomplish?
vbongaralaAuthor Commented:

Yes, you are right that is what i wanna accomplish. Would appreciate if you can guide me. Thanks:)
Carlos DiazTraining Programs ManagerCommented:
all right...I'll give it a shot...

first we'll need to start with an inventory of hardware...just specific models, not quantities as well as the operating system versions, to set up a structure to add descriptions to; either sorted alphabetically by vendor, or grouped by device type/purpose.  that inventory should be used as a guide for the rest of the document as well.

then we'll need a rough idea of how much time you can dedicate to equipment maintenance and at what scale(some businesses would have a team just for maintenance).  this will probably be reflected by the workload and quantity of maintenance personnel, the required hours of operation for the equipment, the replacement life-cycle of the equipment(equipment that's replaced every year may -require- less maintenance, but perform better with more attention), the operating environment(sterile environment controlled vs. ruggedized high-temp. tolerant), vendor recommendations, contractual vendor support, and operational budget.

next we'll need to determine who is capable of covering which maintenance tasks, and what makes sense for your organization, and make the checklist based on the previous paragraphs research suggestion to reflect those ideas.
vbongaralaAuthor Commented:

Gr8!!..this does give me some idea..of wht's needed. But would be lot better if you could list Index or Table of Contents for the document..which should give more clear view overall.

Carlos DiazTraining Programs ManagerCommented:
just a quick rough draft here...

- document creation info/document procurement contact info
- document purpose/description
- system equipment (function)
- equipment locations/interfaces
- normal configuration/design
- verification of normal operation
- basic fix procedures
- detailed system recovery procedures
- replacement parts on-hand
maintenance checks
- equipment to maintainer relationship chart
- daily checks
- weekly checks
- monthly checks
- quarterly checks
- annual checks
vendor contacts
- service contract details
- contacts for troubleshooting assistance
- emergency repair contacts
vbongaralaAuthor Commented:

This overview is cool...However, i was wondering is it comprehensive ? Can any thing else be added.

Carlos DiazTraining Programs ManagerCommented:
it's just a rough draft.  it should definitely be modified to meet your organizations needs.  there's not just one master list of topics for an SOP.  i would advise asking a trusted colleague to look over it also to see if there's anything else your organization might want, as i don't have that insight.

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vbongaralaAuthor Commented:
Regret the late comeback on the reply. However, thank you for the suggestions ..and the points that you listed down. They indeed helped me to create our own SOP draft document which is going to be officially submitted to the client.
Thanks once..again.
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