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I have a shortcut on a shared folder and I would like to have that shortcut copied to a particular users (example "STUDENT") desktop.  How can I do this?

the path of the file is \\server1\testing\testing.exe - shortcut

or is there a way to have the actual executable be put as a shortcut on that users desktop?
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If you are using roaming profiles you could use: copy "\\server1\testing\testing.exe - shortcut" "\\servername\profileshare\%username%\desktop" /y this would need to be run by the user or if you want to run it centrally replace the %username% with the actual username

If it's on a specific computer use "\\server1\testing\testing.exe - shortcut" "\\computername\c$\documents and settings\username\desktop" /y
although if doing it on a specific computer you might want to put it on the all users desktop replace the username part with All Users that way everyone logging onto that computer will have the icon.



Thanks for the reply demazter,

Unfortunately we do not use Roaming profiles, and I would like to use

"\\server1\testing\testing.exe - shortcut" "\\computername\c$\documents and settings\username\desktop" /y

but this shortcut needs to be copied on multiple computers on the network.  Is this possible?


I figured it out, since it is a shortcut, you have to put a .lnk at the end (even though it does not show up when you have the extension visible.)

copy \\server1\testing\TestTkr.exe.lnk "%userprofile%\desktop"

Thank you for your help!


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