I have a problem with Windows vista ultimate 64 and folder rederiction

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I have a windows vista 64 ultimate and the folder redirection. when i right click on the documents and location tab does not appear. How do I redirect the folder to a location of my choosing. BTW right now it is pointed to the D drive but it goes to the system 32 folder on the c drive. Please help as soon as possible and NOTE CLEAR ANSWERS NOT KB ARTICLES GET AWARDED POINTS
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Just to confirm if you click start and right click on documents select properties you do not get a location tab?
Is this the same if you perform the same procedure on Pictures?

Are you in a domain environment?  Could this have been disabled by a policy?
Hi -
I believe that you are right-clicking on Documents and Settings and not the user folder Documents.  
XP - c:\Documents and Settings\My Documents
Vista - c:\Users\your-user-name\Documents
The folders above are equivalent.  The D & S you find in Vista is called a Junction.  It is used by XP-era applications.  When they look for D&S, they are forwarded to \users\..\documents and never know it.  Junctions only work for apps and 3rd party file managers, not Windows Explorer.
From  MS help  -  What happened to My Documents
Also from MS, info on differences between XP & Vista, including the Documents, Music, Pictures folders
Vista - XP differences

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