RWW SBS2008 "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied..." when connecting

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When attempting to RWW on SBS2008 via, I get error "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied".

I am, however, able to access, though there is a certificate error. I've tried installing the Certificate Package from \\server\local\downloads but it always fails with "The certificate is not installed" message.

Any ideas??
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Nat WallisTechnical Services Manager

I think for your first error I think it might be an IIS error as I had the same issue but on SBS2003. I am no expert in IIS but I would be checking your event logs. One issue I had seen is that IIS (sBS2003) was running in I think IIS 5 modem for some other program and that was causing me the issues. I am also guessing your are trying to access this remotely (not within the network)?

I have the same issues with the certificate errors. Generally these are self signed and because you are accessing it outside the local domain this certifcate error I beleive is fairly normal. Personally I would suggest a basic one from GoDaddy will do the job. Again I am assume that SBS2008 and 2003 operate in these areas pretty much the same.
Does your certificate match your URL, alot of imported certificates from 2003 are for when imported to 08 (with default remote prefix) the url doesnt match and therefore wont work.

As for the IIS error in ISS manager check the permissions on the default web site, can you browse it internally?
Had the same problem a few minutes ago.  This is how I fixed it:
1.  Ran Windows SBS Console
2.  In the "Getting Started Tasks" section, clicked on "Set up your Internet address"
3.  Walked through the wizard and filled out the correct information... this took all but one minute... I had my DNS settings with a different provider and already had "" forwarded to my server IP address so when I completed the wizard and tested it, it worked immediately.

Good luck!

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