Lotus notes 8.5 interminet error message "Version mismatch between executable and preexisting shared.

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User is getting this message most of the time, but not always. Sometimes gets the message "unable to open window" With Both errors she needs to reboot totally to try again.
Recently upgraded her from 7.02 to 8.5.
Error reads:
0x1b1 - Version mismatch between executable and preexisting shared memory versions! EXITING. You may need to stop RTVSCAN or reboot.

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Strange that it is intermittent.

1) Reinstall R 8.5 as administrator

2) make sure that the data and exececutables are in the right directories

3) remove any older version that may be still on the machine

Could also be related to some other software interfering.

I hope this helps !

Found this same issue where user had both Lotus Notes 7.02 and 8.5 installed in different directories.
brwwigginsIT Manager

What version of Symantec AV or SEP are you running? RTVSCAN is not a domino process but symantec process
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Other people get this error without having Symantec AV installed. Try running Lotus Notes in light mode. Create a copy of your Notes icon, then modify the shorcut so it looks like this:

Target: C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\nlnotes.exe
Start in: C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\

NOTE that the Start in has the "framework/.." removed.
brwwigginsIT Manager

I find it hard to believe that IBM would code an error with a specific vendor in mind for an error messge (singling out rtvscan)

There are mentions of this error on the Symantec customer forums http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/lotus-notes-802-and-sep11-mr2

Also, to switch notes to the basic client (i.e. lite mode) you can modify the notes icon and add <space>-sa or <space>-basic after the target path so you don't have to remove all the framework information and can switch back later down the road by just removing the switch


first  of all please just check if during the upgrade the following things have been done :

1- The Template of the user's mailbox was upgraded to ( Mail85.ntf) if not please upgrade it (File==>Application==>replace Design) or on the Server console run the command ( load convert mail\(user mailxbox) * mail85.ntf)

2- The ODS  of the mailbox  must be 52 ( run the following command  load compact -c mail\(user mailxbox) .

3- upgrade the views ( press Shift+Ctrl+F9)

And if all of the above were done and there is  still a problem  uninstall the lotus Notes client ( as mentioned by the sysexpert) and delete the lotus notes folder from the local drive of the PC .

brwwigginsIT Manager

For ODS 51, you must manually add the parameter Create_r85_Databases=1 to the notes.ini before the copy style compact will work.

Just an FYI

User(s) are using the Windows Quick Launch bar and double clicking instead of single clicking on the Quick launch icon.

After launching Notes and Symphony, if you then close and attempt to re-open Notes, you may encounter the error: "0x115 - RTVSCAN is operational and may be holding out memory, exiting. Please restart RTVSCAN or reboot the system". If you see this error, use the command <nsd -kill> to kill any leftover Notes processes, and then relaunch Notes.

Previous fixes:

8.0.2 FP2 Preliminary Fix List:
Quick relaunch has been causing various issues to users, like RTVSCAN error, and other crashes. Fixing to ensure nlnotes instance is not re-launched, until the previous one is not exit

8.5 FP1 Preliminary Fix List June 3, 2009:
When users quick re-launch Lotus Notes, they receive RTVSCAN errors

Monterey,,, is there any update about this case ,,,,

Monterey, any update?

Reinstall fixed the problem? Please tell us which steps you have taken to fix the problem.
brwwigginsIT Manager

I think this was actually a known issue in the 8.5 stack and was fixed with FP1. Could be wrong...pulling from memory.

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