Can't disable "Searchindexer"

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Can't disable "Searchindexer" using any method, Process Explorer and Task manager both bring up the attached.
Also, am blocked by same type of warning by trying in "Services".
I'm the only User, Administrator. No other Users.
Searchindexer is hogging 50% of my CPU usage.
Just started, causing lockups.

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You can start/run services.msc and turn off and disable Windows Search service.

A lot of people like Windows Search, personally I disable it on all my machines.  However if this is a new install, you may find that after it finishes indexing initially, it will calm down quite a bit.

"Some type of warning" is a bit less info than I need to tell you anything about that. :)
Activate the hidden admin account.  Bring up an elevated admin cmd/DOS prompt -
START | cmd | RIGHT-click on c,d.exe above under programs - then type
net user administrator /active:yes
Boot into SAFEMODE, click START, type services.msc and try and disable Windows Search
If that is a no-go, downlaod SysInternals AutoRuns to your Desktop.  Right-click, run as admin
Go to the USER tab, select NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, click on Services tab and see if you can disable it there.
If no go, run SysInternals Process Explorer at elevated admin level, find the Search Indexer(s) within a svchost.  2x-click on the particular svchost and another screen will appear.  Click on the services  tab, click on the search indexer and STOP the service.  Keeping procexp up, go into services.msc and try to disable it again.


Sorry for the delay in answering.
Before I posted, tried shutting off the search feature in Services. Obviously, didn't work.
After a little further digging, found many more problems, somewhat of the same nature.

None of the above fixes worked, I would get some sort of permissions warning.
Couldn't stop other Services, etc.
Wound up reinstalling my Vista.
Thanks for the help, I've saved your suggestions for future ref.



I usually try to post that I've Googled and searched the E-E data base before posting.
I had already tried the suggestions and should have informed you.
BTW, Datedman, I'm kind of grown to like the Vista Windows Search.
I've got 4 HD's on this machine and it usually works pretty good.

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