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redirect to a domino database

Last Modified: 2013-11-17
This should be so simple to accomplish, but it alludes me.  I've created an alias in DNS for a new web page.  The alias points to a Domino server.  I need for that server to redirect that web request to a specific database, which is in a subfolder of the data directory.  I've tried creating a new web site on the server, along with a new rule , but nothing is working.
Would have taken two minutes in IIS.  Two hours later, I found what I often do - that Domino Admin help is more confusing than helpful, and that a simple task involves dozens of parameters where it should involve two or three.
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Have you tried setting the home page of the Domino server to be the database?


No, I need the server to still have its existing homepage.

Hi there,,,

What are you exactly was trying to do ???? In other words why did you make it this way using an DNS alia ?????

The rerason why I am asking these questions is because you can using the good features of Domino web access ( Inotes ) version to do it ......

So,,, all what you have to do for that database is if you are using LN version prior to LN8.X just you have to change the template of the database to inoteX.ntf and for the server to have to have the other features enabled on the Lotus Domino it self .....

Read the following for more help ....

And if you need any more help please let me know but please give me some more details if possible .


there is an existing server - blah.domain.com, with numerous web sites.  everything is fine.  What I've been tasked with doing is establish blah2.domain.com (which I've done with an alias record in DNS, which points to blah1.domain.com) and have its default homepage redirected to a db on blah1.domain.com.  Make sense?  So blah1.domain.com will receive the web request, and redirect it to the appropriate db.
I'll check out your links.  This is all web based stuff, Lotus Notes versions are not in play.  Thanks!

Thank you that was clear enough ,,,

In Fact, the only thing I can suggest in this case is to create a link on the
blah2.domain.com using ( Html) to redirect any request to the Lotus Domino server but in this case the Lotus Notes server must be configured either by you or by an Lotus Notes Domino Administrator to have a DWA( Domino Web Access) and this way you dont have to have the site of  :blah1.domain.com because the Lotus Notes will be working as a web access  to the db you want and using the Home Page you want and LN server will be accessible using a link

You may need this for DWA configuration

I wish you all the best
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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Greg's right. Enable the "Load Internet configurations from Server\Internet Sites documents" feature. You can configure many independent websites on one Domino server, each as you like it.


You nailed it, Greg - I had the web site document set up right, just didn't have the 'load Internet configurations from Server\Internet Sites documents' - nice work!
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