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what should be in a desktop supports toolbox?

this is a broad question which i hope will attract alot of discussion.  It includes hardware and software and anything else you can think of.   I will be supporting MAC clients and XP clients on a 2003 domain.  
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I have a few more that other experts shared with me:

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hi resolver1,

                 Check these useful links.

What's in your desktop support toolbox?:



On the hardware side, you will need a Torx 8 screwdriver and a firewire cable (for connecting to Macs that won't boot via Firewire Target Disk mode:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_Disk_Mode and http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1661).

It would also be useful to have large external drive with both firewire and USB connectors. Newer intel Macs will boot from an external USB drive (and some don't have firewire ports) but older PPC Macs will boot only from firewire externals.

Put disk images of the Install Disks on the external drive. Also put a bootable system on it. Not a bad idea to keep system software disk with you.  If you have a lot of similar Macs to service, you could also clone one of your Macs to a disk image using Carbon Copy Cloner (http://www.bombich.com) so that you could restore a Mac quickly.

On the software side, you need:

Data Rescue II:  http://www.prosofteng.com/

and one or both of DIsk Warrior (/http://alsoft.com/) or TechTool Pro (http://micromat.com/)

There are a bunch of other useful utilities here:  http://www.macfixit.com/staticpages/index.php?page=20021011090449544

Make sure you have a copy of Onyx ( http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/20070 ) and Carbon Copy Cloner (http://www.bombich.com)

You should also, as a matter of course, install the freeware SMARTReporter on all the computers you are responsible for:  http://www.corecode.at/smartreporter/ This useful utility puts a green icon in the menu bar, runs an hourly SMART Disk check on the computer in the background and changes the icon to red if it detects and incipient disk failure.
I carry the following

Tool set :
Includes pliers
screw drivers (All sizes)
static strap
wire clippers (usually for zip ties)
extra zip ties
can of compressed air
network cables
spare mouse
spare keyboard
adapter for 9 pin to usb and reverse adapter
rj45 to rj45 connector adapter for extending cables when needed and for checking tone.
Network Toner
Cable tester
Power supply tester
stud finder
Outlet tester
spare power cable
extention cord and power strip
head light (For hands free light)
8 port switch
AC power anywhere module (Allows me to plug anything into the car using the lighter)
Drywall screws and other mounting/cable management type pieces.
Tool Box including hammer, wrench, box cutter, cordless drill with bits, etc...
Double sided tape
Electrical Tape
Paper and Pencil
Label maker. (Extra label paper) or Blank Stickers
Sharpee Marker
50 ft network patch cord
misc size patch cords
USB drive
Blank cd's and dvd's.
Console cable (If you do routers)
Tetherable cell phone
Corded telephone (Always good to check dialtone on DSL line if you dont have a technicians handset)
Cables: USB to Micro USB, USB to USB extender, USB to mini.
A few other odds and ends.