install win os in pen drive

i tried to install win os to my pen drive
and i have difficulty on Unpacking IN_ files

i have extrated the cab sdk file and in cmd i type cabarc x USBSTOR.IN_ but it does not work .

any one
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.In_ is not a cab format, but the old DOS compressed file format  that needs to be EXPANDed using hte EXPAND comand


Expand.exe should already be on your system.

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This is normally not supported as a full install directly from an install, but you might want to read up on these sites for alternatives...

The first one is a FULL os install of XP, and the other is based on BartPE, ready to create and customize... - How to install and run a FULL Windows XP from a USB drive

UBCD for Windows
OK, I'm confused, are we trying to install full blown windows o na pen drive like your question seemed to ask, or a stripped down Preboot Environment (PE) which can be very powerful.

My current Favorite PE builder environment is Winbulder, with which I;ve sucessfullly built XP, Vista, and Win7 PEs. Its free and powerful,

I keep a 32 gig USB drive with about 40 of these images
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tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
32 gig?
i dont have 32 gig usb drive.

what i want is to put os in pen drive or USB drive so that i can boot OS from my usb drive.

so whenever i go i can boot os from usb drive.
Please read my first link, as it will explain the technical depths involved with what you are trying to accomplish.....
tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
yes i following the step of link below

until step 5 i faced difficulties..

it says go to command and type "cabarc x USBSTOR.IN_" i get there is no such command from dos.

do you mind to guide step by step on this step?

5) Unpacking IN_ files



Use the Cab SDK (from the command line) for extracting the contents of the .IN_ files. Each of them contains exactly one .inf file. If you are unsure how to use the Cab SDK, here is an example command line: "cabarc x USBSTOR.IN_" . You should end up with three new files in the folder, called:

You can now delete the .IN_ files.
Expand was already touched on inj the above post by dnilson. Should be all you need.....

expand usbstor.IN_ c:\Expanded Files\USBStor.INF

Run the command from within this folder at a command line...
Forget cabarc, use Expand instead using the above information.

Cabarc extracts and uncompresses in one step, and is part of MS software development packages, not Windows.  Expand, Winzip and others also support this format.

You have already extracted the files, now you need to uncompress them.

Since you are looking to expand therre files you can run it three times or do something like

expand [-r] source [destination] [-d [-f:files]] [ [-f:filesdestination]

expand [-r] source [destination] [-d [-f:files]] [ [-f:filesdestination]
Sorry hit return before I was finished

expand USB*.IN_  

if still in CAB
expand -f:USB*.IN_   [destination]
tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
sorry for not giving points till now
busy with work lately will try it and feedback to you all soon
You suggest poInts to johnb6767, but even HE acknowledged my solution was correct and merely restated my solution
You suggest poInts to johnb6767, but even HE acknowledged my solution was correct and merely restated my solution
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