How much does it cost to build a 3D model?

How much does it cost to build a custom BBQ Grill in 3D model (like a product model)?

What are the factors that change pricing?
What does each price range buy me?
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bullmonkeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in what form would the delivery of the prototype be in? if it is from detailed drawings the price will not be as high as a sketch on the back of a napkin.

as for your examples, the first link models :  these are very simple low polygon and single textured and prolly worth no more than $100 as originals.

the fourth link if the item was to be rotating throughout 360 degrees, rendered with vray i'd suffer around 15 hours, totalling $1500
darrenmcwiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tough to answer without seeing what needs to be modeled which I'm guessing you're going to want to protect as it sounds like a product idea of yours.

The number of parts, complexity of parts (lot of contoured surfaces or all cylindrical/ractangular, any needed engineering, the types of drawings you want (just a 3d isometric, full manufacturing drawinfs of all pice parts, exploded isometrics, assembly instructions, etc) complexity of assembly, etc.
graphic_designerAuthor Commented:
Yeah, this is an idea that cna't be released yet.
It's a BBQ Grill with no background. texture can be optional. No animation, no assembly instruction.
BBQ will have all it's parts, and rotate in 360 view.

Is it possible that you can show me 3 different samples with 3 different prices?

For example: (I just select these in idea what's good examples to show the differences in price)    $?   $   $  $?

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darrenmcwiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Really, it's going to vary so widely depending on your design. You're best bet is to meet with some folks near you and have them sign a confidentiality agreement prior to having them view/quote your project.

I use to have a business where we did this type of thing and it really depends on the desig, complexity of parts, complexity of assembly, etc.  Depending on the design of any part, that part could take as long as the rest of the entire project depending on the the surfacing, etc.

The operator's skill will also affect this. If I were still running a business, I'd likley charge $50-100/hr for a consumer product design, yet you could lileky find a student or someone sidelining at night for $20/hr.

hen I had someone sit next to me as part of the process, I'd typically charge 3x as much (ir I was quoteing a price) to cover all the " about we try this....".

It also really depends on how developed your idea is.

Sorry, I just can't give you an idea an I'd be cautious of most that can based on the limited info you gave them. If you're maknig an "easy bake oven" type BBQ for kids vs a full scale automated industrial/commercial BBQ, there's a lot of room between those two extremes.

PS: Why don't you try giving it a shot yourself with Google's Free "Sketch Up" software. It's a very friendly 3d free package.  Even if you narrowed down the details of your design there, it  would decrease the cost for anyone drawing it later down the road.
graphic_designerAuthor Commented:
Google's Free "Sketch Up" software is not an option right now.
thanks for the advice.
i agree with darrenmcwi. there is a very big difference between the number of required parts involved in making a garden 'webber' style BBQ and a industrial type model. you have not really made it clear if the finished product should be an avi or a projected flash animation.

if you can offer me more information i would be happy to offer you a price and turnaround time based on modeling and rendering
graphic_designerAuthor Commented:
It will be a Industrial BBQ grill. It is a product prototype.

I am not sure what info is needed to get a quote.
But can you give me an idea of what it would cost/time, if the 3D model has:
1. 1-15 shapes/parts with 1 texture/skin.
2.  16-50 shapes/parts with 2-3 textures.
3. 50-75 shapes/parts with 3-4 textures.

It can be in any video formats (Avi, mov, flash...)

graphic_designerAuthor Commented:

What is it that this
cost much more? is it the texture? or is it the rendering time?

bullmonkeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the rendering time and texturing is not what will dictate the cost in this case. in that picture there are many sections and parts to be modeled and extruded. this is also an organic type shape and sowould take a reasonable amount of tweaking
 the rendering, if rotating it over 360 degrees, would certainly take a substantial amount of time with such a texture.
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