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Wired CCTV camera and DVR needed for Motor Home

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Last Modified: 2013-11-08
I'm trying to find the best setup to provide surveilance for a client. He has a new luxury motor home that has slide out sides. On the passenger side, he wants me to install a camera that vies the front door which is bout 15 feet from the wall that extends out when the passenger side section is extended out. I was thinking of a flush mouted camera but need something that will be weather proof with infradred and durable.

The 2nd camera should be a disquised camera that looks like a clock, picture, smoke alark or someting that will not draw attention.

Both cameras need to have their content recorded. we will have a small Sony laptop hidden in a storage cabinete on the RX. We don't know if we can use it to record the cameras. We might need a small DVR. This will only be used when the RV away from home and is parked. Any suggestions?
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I appreciate this info. I have reviewed it and will definately try it out this week and let you know how it worked out.

Small WiFi cameras might work also. Considering the distances are small, interference should be a problem. Somebody accidentally tapping into the feed might be, though. I don't have any software suggestions on that setup.

if you want something cheap and reliable for the PVR side of things, try http://zoneminder.com

A laptop may not meet your needs for something that is running 24x7 though, especially if you want remote access and a decent amount of storage (like a weeks worth or more).

A cheap small desktop with a 4 port capture card (10 bucks on ebay!) will do the trick very adequately.

FOr zoneminder, burn the CD (liveCD) and install with a cheap video card.  Follow the instructions and you will have a very reliable, low maintenance solution.  Not to mention if you want to get clever it can page your cellphone and send pictures (if you're feeling adventurous).



I've been trying to see my client on this solution, but has been on vacation. I plan to se him next week. Sorry for the delayed response.

OK. Thanks for the update.


I finally made contact with this client. He loved this solution. Thanks

Thank you much.   : )
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