How to recover info from IPD blackberry backup ?


My blackberry was stolen so I only have an IPD file, is there a way to recover the information from it?

Thanks in advance.
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philocipherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could borrow a device from someone and backup their device and restore your data to it and get the information and then restore their device and return it to them .

 From what I understand it does not have to be the same type of device . Would be helpful if the OS version was greater then what the original was .

 Even if you did obtain a Blackberry Emulator , restoring the data to it using the desktop manager would not work. or atleast would be very very complicated with virtual port setup and all sorts of stuff.
You can restore the backup ipd to a new blackberry device using the desktop manager which will restore the data.
dimensionavAuthor Commented:
I won´t have a new blackberry until two weeks later but I need the information these days.
I wonder if there is a software that could "emulate" a blackberry device.

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Iain MacMillanIT ManagerCommented:
sorry, your only way to restore the file is through the desktop manager to an identical handset, preferably with the same OS version.  I have done this a few times for users that made backups before trips overseas, in case this very thing happened.

i just wish there was a way to make all users backup their handsets automatically!!
dimensionavAuthor Commented:
Do you know how to perform a reset to a blackberry pearl 8130 in order to delete all data in it?

depending on the software version. it should be something like . Options > Security Options > General settings >> hit the blackberry button and select "Wipe handHeld". that should clear all data off the hand held.
Iain MacMillanIT ManagerCommented:
Depending on your OS, the Options menu is called Settings.  then it's as Philocipher says, when you press the BB logo button to get the menu in General Settings, and choose Wipe Handheld, you will then be asked to type in the word 'blackberry' to confirm.  Its best you have the unit on multitype mode to make entering letters easier.

remember the server side KILL Handset option, does not reset the unit, it wipes everything including the OS.  This can only be restored via Desktop Manager and the correct OS for the handheld already installed on the system.
dimensionavAuthor Commented:
Finally Guys:
with BB empty, how Would be the process for recovering the data using desktop manager and the IP File?

Thanks for everything.
Iain MacMillanConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
assuming your using BDM 4.6 or 4.7 with the new interface:

Connect unit via USB cable and run your mail client, as the BDM will look for this when launching
Launch the Backup & Restore function, centre top icon
Choose the middle option of Restore and point to where the IPD file normally is, usually My Docs
Allow the process to continue, you will get a summary of what will be restored and how this affects what's currently loaded, choose YES to continue.

That's about it really.  I hope your backup file is good, i have had some that seemed corrupt, and all you end up with is an incomplete restore, sometimes requiring a complete rebuild.

Good luck
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