1) This is related to CCNA Exam.
2) What is "MDF"?
-Abbreviation of what?
-Tell a little bit of it please: function, etc
-Any link or picture of it?
3) Thank you

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Ahmed Ezzat AbuRayaNetwork Developer EngineerCommented:
I hope this is what you are looking for.
MDF as in (Main Distribution Facility): It Manages the telecommunications wiring between itself and any number of IDFs. Unlike an IDF (Independent Distribution Frame), which connects internal lines to the MDF, the MDF connects private or public lines coming into a building with the internal network. For example, an enterprise that encompasses a building with several floors may have one centralized MDF on the first floor and one IDF on each of the floors that is connected to the MDF.

You can read here for extra information and an illustration.
Also check,

Actually I think this is beyond CCNA. Not sure though :)
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