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16 bit ms dos sub system

abdul_malick asked
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
we have a labour attandance machine, we need to transfere labour's date from machine to upload to web thru computer, if i click that dos based application it showing error message as " c:\....\...\download.pif invalid startup directory, please check your pif file. Choose clost to terminate the application ". system OS is windows xp professional.
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Do you click on a Shortcut?
if yes right click on the shortcut and open its properties.
check if "Start in " has the same path as Target program Folder.


yes i click on a shortcut, not in same path target programme and i couldnt see target programme in programme files.

Right Click on the Shortcut and go to properties. There is one button "Find Target" Click on it. This will open a window and will show you the program. In windows address bar see the path. This path must be copied in Shortcut Properties under "Start in".


in the propersite i can see only screen, misc, compatibility general program font and memory buttons only. i unable to attached screen shot with this page.

Can you run the program by double-clicking its executable file directly rather than a shortcut to it?

Is the actual file on Network? Is this shortcut's target is a network drive?
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People who tried to help should be allocated the points for this question.

Authors who ask questions and abandon them are a problem, but those of us who try to help are being penalized when we take the time to answer or help and some administrator simply deletes the question.

Allocate the points.

It is a big problem - I find a significant percentage of questions have their points unawarded.  But conversely, I can understand it's difficult if not impossible for a moderator to award points when they don't know which solution(s) if any will fix the original problem.

Perhaps there needs to be some form of negative consequence of an author abandoning a question that is sufficient to act as a deterrent so that experts are not disuaded from answering questions.

I have been involved in enough abandoned questions to reduce my interest in participating in any questions.

The administrator could award points equally to all who answered, and some may get points even if their answers were not helpful, which is better than ZERO points for those who did answer.

If they don't fix this, I'm no longer interested in participating.


helpled me to understand the point.
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