"Driver Irql Not Less Or Equal" error after Vista wake up from hibernation

Dear all,
this morning, when booting up my Lenovo T61 T7500 notebook from hibernation - damnit! - the bluescreen of death appeared saying "Driver Irql Not Less Or Equal", and the machine rebooted immediately.
Of course, all hibernation data was lost, which was pretty annoying.

My only concern is to resolve the cause of this irq conflict so that the problem and data loss will not occur again. The device manager does not indicate anything special, i.e., no exclamation marks.

The system is maintained with Lenovo System update.

What can I do to isolate the problem?

Helpful comments are greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.
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peter41Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Start your system and on the initial process of booting press F8.
Select "Last know good configuration".

This option should to use last functional HW (or driver) configuration.

If success, uninstall software which is reason for BSOD, there is probably buggy driver in some software package.

Zip your last 3 *.dmp files and upload them using the link below:

robofixAuthor Commented:
@rindi: what type of dump is required? Minidump (64kb), kernel dump or full dump (too big)? I'm just setting it up. Currently there is 323mb memory.dmp file in my windows directory, which is obviously too big to share, so i'd like to adjust the size.
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minidump is all that is necessary.
robofixAuthor Commented:
well, the next time i went in hibernation and restarted, the machine booted up with no problems at all.
I don't know if the issue is resolved yet...
I'll report back as soon as it happens again and post memory dumps.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sometimes something like this can happen once, and then there is usually no need to worry too much. That was also the reason I asked for 3 dump files because if there was only one from a one-time event there usually isn't too much point in looking much closer. With 3 events at least you can check for a certain consistency.
robofixAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, i'll keep observing and hope the matter is resolved.
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