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Setup help required - currently multiple subnets/diff IP schema

akashj asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
Hi all,

Been trying to rack my brains on this for a while - even opened a thread on a few forums but then closed it as it got too messy!

It's in regards to my internet setup and needs :  at the moment, I find things are messy and slow especially in transfer speeds from pc to pc.

D-link DIR-655 (wireless N-Router)
Billion bipac 7300 ADSL Modem

Currently, the IP address is as follows:

D-link: 192.168.0.x /

Billion: 192.168.1.x /

Problem 1:

Those connected to Billion can't access machines on D-link using machine names ... only IP addresses.

Problem 2:

All devices are gigabit connections with correct cabling.  However, when something is being transferred from a D-link device (PC) to a Billion device (Lacie network drive), it is painstakingly slow!  Putting the machine on the same device as the Lacie drive fixes it or vice-versa.

The only other requirement is currently, the webserver (standard PC) is on the Billion modem and is externally available via port map and dyndns which also gets updated via the Billion.

I would appreciate ANY help on how I can best set this up as I am really getting frustrated remembering IP addresses of devices and having to switch devices during the weekly backups to the Lacie drive.

Thanks in advance!


PS: there was another thread but due to lack of time, I lost track and no longer knew what was going on.
This time round, I am able to take down the router as and when suggestions come in until the end of next week (3rd July) so hopefully we can fix this by then!
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Ahmed Ezzat AbuRayaNetwork Developer Engineer

Can you clarify if the subnet of your ADSL is ( for a reason? Why isn't it ?
And why are they on different subnets?

Why don't you use IPs configurations like:

D-Link:   192.168.1.x /
Billion:   192.168.1.x /

I'm not quiet sure of your problem so if this doesn't help please clarify :) Oh, and I think you may need to disable DHCP in you D-Link and assign a fixed IP maybe

Hope this helps.


I'll give both a try in about 30mins or so.
Just going to check if any firmware updates are available - I might as well start from scratch and reset to default before appliying the new settings.

On another forum, I have been advised the same thing as Zo3FoL in terms of disabling the DHCP.  When I tried the IP change so everythings on the same network, it failed to work but I suspect this was because both units were "trying" to give an IP address.

So just to confirm, I want to DISABLE DHCP on the D-link
Set the IP so its on the same ip/subnet as the Billion

As for your recommendation donjohnston, I appreciate I would never get full gigabit speeds but what I failed to expand on was the actual speeds I was getting.  While I dont have figures, I'm basically talking about speeds slower than a 1x CD Burner!  To transfer around 1GB, we're looking at around 4 hours but ONLY if the devices are on different routers (ie: PC on the d-link and Lacie NAS on the Billion).

Let's see how the changes I make has an affect on this.
Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015

SOHO routers are designed to provide internet and remote office connectivity. These connections are usually over 2565 - 1.5m links. So the routing performance of these routers are consistent with those speeds.  


OK well I got into a right muddle in doing all this.

Basically, I did the following:

Set DHCP on the D-link to OFF and let the Billion do the DHCP
Connected the Billion to the D-link LAN port

Everything was brilliant, got speeds back, got the machine access back...it was perfect.
But then the Billion started to reboot almost hourly.  Turns out it was potentially being overloaded and the Watchdog was rebooting it to prevent a system crash to the Billion.

Anyway, reset to factory but the Billion carried on rebooting even on its own though it was every 4-5 hours.

Got a speedtouch out, connected it the same way and no issues but a potential line issue has occured now in that I am getting very slow speeds.  The times I get fast speeds (full 8mb line for instance), Microsoft downloads are downloading at 2kb/s ...if I do the same download from work, its downloading at 5MB a sec so it must be my end.
On top of this, if I then MSN myself the file from work to home over messenger, iIm getting around 650kb/s  - almost seems like the router is giving Microsoft only a fraction of the connection!  Whether this is router or ISP related - who knows.

The speedtouch is locked to AOHell - freebie present I keep as a spare so I have bought a Draytek 2800 - hopefully that will solve things out for me.

In the mean time, I have been told to change the setup again and put the modem/router to the WAN port of the Dlink and turn the modem into a full bridge - this obviously is different to what we talked about above.

What do you think?
Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015

Well, if you turn it into a bridge, that would solve your routing performance issue. As long as you don't need the two separate networks there shouldn't be any problems with that approach.


OK so in your exp. what do YOU recommend and what would YOU do?

The story now is, I have a Draytek 2800 (non-wireless) and a D-link DIR-655
Both are waiting for your command :- )

There just does not seem to be enough bridge vs wan bypass sites out there to clearly explain why I should/want to be using a specific mode.

The draytek has VPN connectivity and boasts security so ideally, I want that to take precedence...or do i?
Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015

Bridge it. Like I said, unless you NEED to have two separate networks...


Great ok thanks.
I assume this is the steps?
Connect computer to Draytek, go into web control of Billion, do a factory reset. Then go to WAN, select bridging, save settings, reboot. Your computer will lose access to it.

Connect computer to LAN of D-Link router, load the latest firmware, then restart with factory settings. Now also connect Billion to WAN on D-Link. Go into web control of D-Link, then go to WAN section. Select PPPoE, enter ADSL log in. You should have access to the Internet now.

If yes, following on:

1. Where does port forwarding happen: Router or modem?  If Router, can I still have the server in question on the modem 4-port connectors?
Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015

What is the topology?


Thanks for this - while it worked fine...the billion was slowly dying
Got a draytek now and everythings fine
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