How can I pull data from a website into an excel file

I am trying to pull public data from a website into an excel file. The website is - I want to gather all of my local business listings into an excel file so that i can create a directory on my own webpage.  I would also like to know if what I am looking to do is legal. Im not trying to break any laws but I am pretty sure any info that I could, hypothetically get out of a regular phone book and manually eneter wouldnt be illegal to obtain otherwise....right?

I have tried using the web query function inn excel but it seems to only work if there is a table on the site I am pulling from.

p.s. i am not familiar with VB ( i heard it can be done using this program), is there another way?
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Is your website operated via PHP and MySQL, as a database?
Then, there should be a tool called phpmyadmin installed on the server, or, if it isn't, you have the possibility to install it.
A short google search should direct you to a website where it is available for download. Or, your website hoster may install it for you.

In phpmyadmin, you have the possibility to EXPORT tables to excel, text, csv or database files. There are really many possibilities.

This is how I do for my own web sites.
Tone' ShelbyMicrosoft® Power BI, Power Apps & O365 Design, DevelopmentCommented:
If you are wanting to do it manually, here is how I have done it ....
1. Start by copying the URL of the webpage with the table you want.

2. Next, open a new, blank worksheet or an existing workbook you want to insert the table into.

3. In Excel 2003 or earlier, point to Import External Data from the Data menu, and then click on New Web Query.
In Excel 2007, click on Data. Find the Get External Data panel on the Data Ribbon, and choose From Web.

4. In the New Web Query dialog, delete any address that is showing in the Address bar. Paste the URL that you copied earlier. You might need to use the Paste keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+V), as your right click menu probably will not show up. Once you have your web address in the box, click Go. The webpage will show up in the query box.

5. Click the little arrow to the left of the table or tables (or any other data) you want to import into Excel and assure the table is highlighted.

6. If you want to keep the formatting and any hyperlinks for the table on import in Excel 2007, click the Options Tab in the upper right corner and choose radio button; Full HTML Formatting and click OK and then click the Import button.

7. In the Import Data box, indicate what cells you want to use to contain the table. Excel will guess for you, but you can change it if you would like to. It will default to the existing worksheet you are working in, but you will also have the option to create a new worksheet.
As far as the legalities, I would consult the particular website policy page for the website and/or contact the webmaster of the particular site...
Hope it helps ....


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Tone' ShelbyMicrosoft® Power BI, Power Apps & O365 Design, DevelopmentCommented:
Oh one another note: I do see you mentioned that you tried a web query and had trouble if the website didnt have tables.
The above seemed to work for me on the site you noted if you only click the arrow when importing for the particular list area of the page and also then using the format as table option under the home ribbon tab & the remove duplicates option under the data tab ribbon in Excel 2007.
Also after you have formatted as a table, it will then allow you to filter out blank rows through the dropdown multiple selection option by unchecking (Blanks).
Again hope it helps ....
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>I'm not trying to break any laws but I am pretty sure any info that I could, hypothetically get out of a regular phone book and manually enter wouldnt be illegal to obtain otherwise....right?

WRONG - I am afraid you are so wrong. The contents of telephone books is Copyrighted material. You may not reproduce it in any form at all. Of course you can take a photocopy of a page(s) for your own use but you cannot re-publish that data anywhere - that is unless you want to be sued for copyright infringement. If you lose such a law suit you would have to pay damages, legal costs, claimed loss of revenue, forfeit your website and maybe even your computer, a fine and so on. If that's all pretty trivial to you, then go ahead.

However if you want to extract data for analysis then that is generally permitted. Some websites expect that - for example stock market data websites. However what you are proposing is not legal unless the laws in your country are very different to ours in the UK. However copyright laws have been standardised in most western countries so my guess is you are subject to the same copyright laws as us in the UK.

MbielaszkaAuthor Commented:
patrick Thank you for the legal advice but i posted my question mainly for technical advice. However how can public info be copyrighted? especially when i am not selling it? i have three phonebooks in my home all from different companies which business paid to be in - I wanted to know if it was illegal to gather data from someone elses website.
MbielaszkaAuthor Commented:
thankyou very much! i was pulling my hair out over this I hope that the experts on this website such as yourself get compensation for your efforts! thanks again!
It is irrelevant whether it's in a phone book or on a website. Because it is publicly available does not give you the right to copy it. It is copyrighted material and that's all there is to it.

>I wanted to know if it was illegal to gather data from someone else's website.

The answer is yes, it is illegal -  unless they specifically state that it can be copied and re-published.
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