Missing USB printer port when adding a Lexmark C543dn printer in Windows XP SP2

I have a new Lexmark C543dn printer (USB).  I have tried several things to make this work -  none successfully:
-I have run the install process on the Lexmark CD.  The printer showed up in the printers list, but as LPT1, which didn't work, there was no option in the Ports tab (Printer Properties) to change it to USB.  I uninstalled the LexMark software.
- I then plugged the USB printer in and had the PnP process find the driver on the Lexmark CD.  This looked to work - PnP indicated that it was installed and ready to use.  When I went to the printer list the printer does not appear.  I then tried to manually add the printer, using the drivers on the harddrive, again there is no USB printer port showing up in the Add Printer dialog.  I tried the option to add a port, but USB was not available.

Outside the add printer process I have also tried:
- replaced USBMON.DLL, with the same file from another Windows XP SP2 printer.
- added a USB 2.0 card to the computer, then trying the same steps above with the printer plugged into the new port.

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From my experiences with Lexmark direct connect printers,  I wait to plug the printer into the USB until the installer asks to connect it.

You may want to uninstall everything and unplug the printer.  Then go to the Lexmark site to download the latest driver


under the "Select Printer Type" tab select "Color Laser Printer"  then you will see the C543

Download the driver for your version of Windows.  


oops that's the main support link, use this one.

ausluvAuthor Commented:
I'll try these out and get back to you.  Thank-you for the tips.
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ausluvAuthor Commented:
I tried this without success.  I downloaded the PCL driver from LexMark and ran the install.  It indicated that if the printer is PnP to plug it in and it would automatically load.  I did this, and still no success, also it did not prompt to find the driver.  Do I need to uninstall the driver?  If so, how do I do that.

- I have swapped the USB cable with another device and it appears that the cable is good.
- I also have a USB scanner attached, and it works fine.

When I go to the printer list and try to manually add the printer, it come up defaulted to LPT1.  There is no USB or Virtual USB to override this selction.   I tried to add a port, but in the add port list there are only:
Adobe PDF Port
CUIP Monitor
CutePDF Writer Monitor
HP Standard TCP/IP Port
Local Port
Microsoft Document Imaging Writer Monitor
Standard TCP/IP port

I don't see a USB option.
Doing a little digging on the Lexmark site I've found they use a universal printer driver for that series.  At the same time they have a full tutorial wrote up in regards to the USB issues.  Please navigate to the following link and run through the directions.  You should already have the file saved from the previous download.  

Let us know how it works for you, good luck

ausluvAuthor Commented:
This computer was missing the registry setting for the USB Monitor.  I added the following key and value:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Print\Monitors\Local

After that I reattached the printer to USB, PnP found it and setup it up on USB001.  Works great now.

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good to hear
Glad you fixed the problem. However, I would still recommend using the printer's network port rather than USB. You'll save yourself trouble in the long run.
ausluvAuthor Commented:
Thank-you I'll look into this.  This is run in a workgroup setup, not a formal domain.   I recommended the network setup to them also, but the PC that the printer is attached to is required to be up during hours so that everyone can share the internet connection.  The instructions that Lexmark provides for network setup are less than optimal, for instance how to tweak the network settings of the printer.

I'll leave it for a couple weeks and see what issues have arisen.
Let the printer power up on the network and it will receive an IP address from the DHCP server. Print out a config page to check what it is. Then tweak the network settings (e.g. give the printer a fixed address) by typing the IP address into your browser.

To install it from the Add Printer wizard, install it as a *local* printer. When asked for the port, create a new Standard TCP/IP port with the printer's address and thenselect the location of the driver files when asked for the printer's model. You can do this on any PC to print direct to the printer, or on a server so users can install the driver from there.
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