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Why does my bluetooth mouse not work?

DoctorK12008 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
My Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard connects normally.   When I add the mouse, it appears to connect normally, but does not respond to movements.   After a few seconds its icon disappears.
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Troubleshooting bluetooth can be somewhat tedious.  But, let's give it a shot.

First, can you give me some more information about your setup.   The model number of the mouse, are you using a transceiver that came with your combo, what kind of computer, operating system, and much more.

Waiting your response.


I am using a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth to connect to a Microsoft Bluetooth USB transceiver.   The OS is XP Professional SP3.   The computer is a Dell Dimension 3000 with 504 meg RAM.   The mouse had worked previously, but I was using it with another computer for a while.

OK ..

So do you have the  Microsoft® Optical Desktop Elite for Bluetooth, that includes the keyboard?  And the keyboard is connecting normally?  I have a couple of those sets.  We ought to be able of fix this.  If the keyboard is connecting right and it's just the mouse, it makes it a lot easier.


Actually, the name on the keyboard is "Microsoft Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth", on the mouse "Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth" and on the USB transceiver "Microsoft Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth 2.0".   I found several posts on the internet from people who had this problem after upgrading to XP SP3.   Mine also worked fine under SP2.   Several people reported that rolling back to SP2 did not solve the problem.  

Although the keyboard appears consistently in the the list of Bluetooth devices, it still does not respond to the keys.   The mouse appears initially, than disappears.   Up to that point, the installation of both proceeds normally, including the setup of the passkey for the keyboard.   Per MS instructions, I did not assign a passkey to the mouse.   Hope this helps.   BTW, I also have a Belkiin USB transceiver, although I do not expect it would work with the MS devices.

OK ..

I'm going to go through what I can remember about setting up these things.  If you follow my directions and it still is acting up, we'll look for a driver fix or reinstall.

The first thing I'd do is check the Device Manager list to see if the Bluetooth transceiver is installed and showing no problems.  Get to the device manager by right click on Computer and select manage.

Then I'd make sure you have a Bluetooth logo icon in the lower right task bar.

Right click on the task bar icon.

In there I believe it asks if you are ready first.

Then it will search for devices.

I'd setup a passkey for the keyboard and wouldn't worry about one for the mouse (just like you have done)

The mouse has a connect button you can push and so does the keyboard.  I don't thing the transceiver has one on version 2.  Anyway, use them to establish a link.

I also seem to remember there being a "discoverable" option on one of the tabs in there.

Go through all of this to verify we are on the same page and get back.

We'll go from there.

Oh .. if they have an on/off button (ha ha).


I did all that several times with the same effect.  I even downloaded the latest versions of IntelliType and IntelliPoint.    Is it possible that MS no longer supports the devices in SP 3?   I read somewhere that they are no longer sold, but I will check that.


I checked.   Microsoft no longer makes this particular keyboard/mouse.

I would download the very latest Intellipoint and Intellitype and try it.  First, I'd uninstall what is there and remove your transceiver.  Then Install the Intellipoint and insert the transceiver, and connect the mouse.  Let's assume that everything should be fine with SP3 until we find something that says it is not.  Can you post a few of the links you've found where people are reporting problems.


I did that, still same result.   I am not sure how to send you a link to the pages describing the problems.
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Hey ..

That's great.  Glad to here you found a solution.  
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