What items are needed to piece together HP BL-P Blade Server System?

I'm currently looking to piece together a BL-P blade system from several different ebay auctions. So far, I've found that I will need a 3U power enclosure, a 7U server enclosure (chassis), bl20-bl45 servers, and 1 or 2 interconnects. After some research, I don't understand a few things:

1) Is any of the HP software linceses needed? (Insight Manager, Rapid Deployment Pack, Performance Management Pack, Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack)
2) can you run the blade without the software licenses?
3) What other items will I need to piece this system together (see above)?
4) can the 3U power unit (w/ 6 2000w power supplies) be used for 2 chassis filled with servers?

I'm using this for some of my research:

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
iLO license is included with both P and C class blades.

A KVM is next to useless for P class.

You should be OK for power, you can see three enclosures per 3u PSU enc in the picture in the quickepecs but you will need busbars to get the power from the PSUs to the enclosures. A pair of mini bus bars will do for up to 3 enclosures.
You dont need  those licenses, you will only need the Lights out License that should come with each server by default.
As per the power input requirements, it will be better if you use the power sizer tool.


make sure get a console for your blade server

they are nice to have

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itboxAuthor Commented:
jfer0x01: what are these "consoles" you are talking about?
Not a command line, btw
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