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Another way to start the "Run Command"

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Last Modified: 2012-05-07
Is there another way to start the "Run Command" without having to click start run or pressing WinKey+R?

Is there a system command (exe or cpl ...) that I can run to bring up the Start Run dialog?
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Thank you for your reply. Will this also work with Vista?

What exactly you want to run from the "RUN" command diag?  for most of the commands and URLs, you can simply enter them into the "search" box that is located in the bottom left corner of the start menu in Vista / Windows 7.  Vista / Windows 7 are smart enough to find the target and either run it or launch the app to open it.
Right Click the start menu ( blue botton )
Click Properties
Click the start menu tab
Highlight start menu and click customize
Scroll down past "epictures" options
there you will see a select box for "run command"
select this option and click ok to confirm

Now you have a run comand on your start menu, which will run any applicatioin, including command in administrator mode

it will work with vista

 or i am agree with garethh86:
The search bar in Vista can function as the run box (As JohnmenZ said). Try typing a command you would usually type in the run box but instead type in the seach box in the start menu, then push enter.

The search box in the start menu is extremely convient.
Most common ways to open a RUN is one that you have specified in your Question


For what it's worth you can also access it though the task manager under the applications tab.  Click the button labeled New Task...
skynergy, have you got your solution or still facing a problem?

please comment



Maybe I should rather ask this question in another way. Once you have disabled the default Windows hotkeys with NoWinKeys. How would I bring up the Start, Run window with my own user assigned hotkey / shortcut key without using the mouse at all. I don't want to do it via the Task manager either. Surely there must be some executable or file to execute that would bring up the Run Window?

garethh86 gave you exactly what you're looking for in the first post.  There's your executable, in the form of a script.  In order to assign it your own hotkey make a shortcut of the file then right click on the shortcut and under the shortcut tab assign it the shortcut you want.


The reason why I didn't follow up on that is because I have Vista. So I will have to get access to a XP machine in order to create tha JS script. Will that script work with Vista or Windows 7?


I created a StartRun.lnk shortcut file as per solution. This file can be copied to a Vista PC and it works fine. I guess it should work under Windows 7 as well.

Thank you for all the assisted responses! I really appreciate everyones efforts and help.

Yes. Tested and confirmed.

Yes. Tested and confirmed.
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