Missing FDQN in Service Principal Name

So i did a swing migration of exchange 2003 to new hardware.  I moved the SMTP service to the new box and ran the exchange best practices analyzer.  I am getting this message:Missing FDQN in Service Principal Name.
now on the "old" exchange machine, called mail, in the advanced delivery window where you can set the FQDN, it is set to mail.domain.com.  The new server named abmail, in that same window i set the FQDN to be the same as the old machine, is that not correct?  
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debuggerauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
maybe this makes sense?
jduawaAuthor Commented:
This is the exact message
"The computer account for Exchange server abmail.domain.local does not appear to contain the fully-qualified domain name of Exchange SMTP virtual server 'Default SMTP Virtual Server'. This may cause Kerberos authentication to fail when sending messages between servers. The tool expected to find 'SMTPSVC/mail.domain.com' in the 'servicePrincipalName'."
sounds like your trying to setup SPF features.

I just use my DNS address, but I have no SPF or SA..
how'd you go?
jduawaAuthor Commented:
have not checked in a while, will check in the next couple days, got busy with other things
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