whats the best way to bundle adsl lines?


i have a number of ADSL lines and i would like to bundle them together to increase the upload speed to stream video.

i have heard of something called MLPPP but i am unsure of how i can configure this for ADSL?

i have 2 ADSL lines in the workshop which are on our own APN so we basically have our own VPN's back to our 2 data centres, any ideas how i can bundle these together?

can i do it without the service provider doing any configuration, i would prefer it if i could manage the bundling rather than our ISP.

i have seen companies who will bundle the line for us but we would prefer to do this ourselfs if possible

thanks in advance.
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You can use what is called inverse multiplexing.  There's a company named Xincom that I purchased one from that worked great for me.  Actually, you can multiplex any of several kinds of lines.  My big pipe was a cable and a dsl line.

Checkout the products on the web.
And ..

Here's a discussion about the MLPPP you referred to and some vendors:

My understanding is that you cannot do this yourself, it requires an Service Provider that supports this feature and can provide presence to your site as there is specific hardware required at both ends..

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CraigShagAuthor Commented:
to make thing a little simpler,

i only want to improve the upload speed im not really bothered about the download speed would it be possible to use something like eigrp to ballance an upload video stream?
Not for your purpose..
Checkout the load balancing on this one:

I am not convinced, its a nice marketing brochure, but can you tell me how at a client's end, they can increase bandwidth and reduce latency for media streaming..

That only makes sense when they are going from DSL to cable.. or DSL1 to DSL2..
or Cable standard to Cable extreme.

Understand that client connections utilize only a single path to a destination server, having to maintain that one connection for the sake of network translation, return paths etc..

However, when multiple clients are involved, bottlenecks develop, and that is where a NLB come into play.
It would not however (unless you were sharing it) provide you with more peak streaming bandwidth for media streaming..
If your cable service was getting wiped out from overuse, might be time to go fiber, than wasting money on one of these..
However, if you sharing your upload traffic with say - web clients, it could help, but I think it would be best to rethink your network design by having dedicated paths for hosting and client services..

What are you using internally to "bond" the circuits? What type of router or switch do you have all of your DSL's connected to?
CraigShagAuthor Commented:
we are currently using sarian routers, however we have also used cisco 800 and 1800 in the past, bu they where droped due to cost. but if needed we can look at the cisco hardware again.

going fibre etc is out of the question, as this often requires digging up the road and some of these costs have been silly high e.g. half a million pounds for some sites.

the above hardware amy be usefull thanks,
ok, how about those network compression boxes, they are trialing a few here at the moment, although they won't help with compressed DFS or compressed streaming media, but for all other traffic they can provide up to a 400% increase..

And then there are the traffic shappers like packeteer to get the most out of your existing service..


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