terminal services redirected printer wont clear after session logoff

On server 2003 running terminal services there are 40 connected users with approximately 15 different printer drivers.

sometimes, after users log off, their redirected printers won't clear.
when they logon again a new redirected printer is created and so on.
the result is that there are "phantom" redirected printers in the server.
The only way to remove them is to delete them one by one.
To do that, I make sure no one is logged on, stop the spooler, delete all files from the PRINTERS folder, start the spooler and delete all printers.

Any idea how to prevent these "phantom" printers or to make sure thay are deleted when the user will logoff?

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OrenRozenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
no solution was provided
Hi there.
Are the users renaming the printers during their session?
OrenRozenAuthor Commented:

I bet there is 1 of these problems:
1. The drivers installed on the server are others than the drivers installed on the client.
2. Your printer is not fully compatible with Terminal Services.

Can you please check the system log and give me the exact error you get?
OrenRozenAuthor Commented:
It is possible that some of the drivers are not fully compatible for terminal services. BUT it also happening with the default 'HP Laserjet 4' internal driver that is fully compatible for terminal services.
Same driver is also used on the workstation.

The system event log shows the events 8, 4 and 3 (purge, pending delete, deleted) but no errors or any events on the printers that the system won't delete.

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