Excel export not happening for more than 4 mb data in ASP and vbscript.

Hello Experts,
Here is the scenario:
I have a website in ASP/ vbscript, IIS 6.0
I run a query in Oracle 10g and get the data in an array on the front end (ASP).
The array is then used to export data in excel and shown to users.
It works fine for excel size less than 4 mb but if the excel size increases to more than 4 mb I get the error: Page cannot be displayed.
I was wondering if there is some setting that i need to do for allowing the export of data to excel which is more than 4 mb.
Any suggestions are welcomed.
Thank You.
Faheem ShaikhAsked:
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Have you tried these type of setting? Note, figures are just example numbers.

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Faheem ShaikhAuthor Commented:
Thanks for looking into this, but its not a time out issue. But I will give this a try too.
Also check if the data you are exporting is exceeding excel's limit of 65536 rows in a worksheet
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Faheem ShaikhAuthor Commented:
The max number of records is just 2000. It will never exceed to more than that. So excel's limit is never reached.
If the data results in more than 65536 rows when exported to excel, you may have to partition the data into multiple excel sheets. Excel can only take a maximum of 65536 rows in a worksheet and 256 worksheets in a workbook.
if you just write it to screen, not create as an excel doc, does it still time out? If it was me, I would run the query and display on screen to eliminate if it is writing to excel that's the problem.
sorry, not time out, but fail...... does it still fail?
I think I might know what your problem is.  Google for AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed and Asp Response buffer.

A few years back I was trying to do something very similar and I had to up those values in the metabase.xml file (IIS 6).  For IIS 5 it is not as easy but can still be changed.

In IIS 6 MS made smaller the amount of data that can be transfered via the http response for security reasons.  I think 4 mg is around near the new default.

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Faheem ShaikhAuthor Commented:
Hello lharrispv,
That is exactly what i was looking for. My Sys Admin also pointed me towards the same.
I have set the AspBufferingLimit="26214400" --> 25 MB in metabase.xml file at c:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv. The default was 4 MB. AspBufferingLimit is used to set the Response limit.
Also, AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed  is actualy used to set the upload file limit to the server i.e. Request limit.
Thank You.
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