Update XML file with VBScript

Posted on 2009-06-29
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I am trying to use an XML file as a sort of ini file for a vbscript hta I am writing. I am new to writing/reading xml so I found some code on here to read xml in to variables. I figured out how to use it the code for what I need, and now I am trying to figure out how to save data back to the xml file.  

I've added the code from my xml file and config file  to show what I am doing.  What I assistance with is, for example, if someone changes the oldfiles variable to c:\old  it will save that back to the oldfiles element in the xml file.   Thanks !
The vbscript: (also attached as vbscript.txt)

Dim xml_oldfiles, xml_dhcpserver,xml_dc,xml_domain,xml_dadmin,xml_ladmin,xml_docsdest

Dim oXml

Set oXml = CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument")

oXml.async = False


Dim oNodeList, oNode

Set oNodeList = oXml.selectNodes("/helionizer/config")

For Each oNode in oNodeList

     xml_oldfiles = ProtectedGet(oNode.selectSingleNode("oldfiles"))

     xml_dc = ProtectedGet(oNode.selectSingleNode("dc"))

     xml_domain = ProtectedGet(oNode.selectSingleNode("domain"))

     xml_dadmin = ProtectedGet(oNode.selectSingleNode("dadmin"))



msgbox (xml_oldfiles & " " & xml_dc & " " & xml_domain & " " & xml_dadmin)  

Function ProtectedGet(ByVal voNode)

	If not voNode Is Nothing Then ProtectedGet = voNode.text

End Function

The xml: (also attached as config.txt)









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here is a sample that I use to update xml
ConfigXML = "D:\Repository.xml"

Set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

xmlDoc.Async = "False"


Set colMfiles = xmlDoc.selectNodes("/Repository/ManagedFiles/File[@Type='CallIn']")

For Each t In colMfiles

	WScript.Echo "Current test for Lane is : " & t.text

	If t.text <> "C:\program files\Test.xml" Then

		WScript.Echo "Updating Menusys for CallIn Lane"

		t.text = "C:\program files\Test.xml"


		WScript.Echo "No Update needed for test Lane"

	End If 


WScript.Echo "Adding/updating test lane to rcpt_fuel"

Set oRoot = xmlDoc.selectSingleNode("/Repository/ManagedFiles/rcpt_fuel/File[@Type='CallIn']")

if oRoot is nothing Then

	WScript.Echo "CallIn was not defined adding node to xml"

	Set newRoot = xmlDoc.selectSingleNode("/Repository/ManagedFiles/rcpt_fuel")

	Set oRoot = xmlDoc.createElement("File")

	oRoot.text = "C:\program files\Data\rcpt_fuel.bmp.qsr"

	set objAttr = xmlDoc.createAttribute("Type")

	objAttr.Text = "CallIn"

	Call oRoot.attributes.setnamedItem( objAttr )



	WScript.Echo "CallIn was found."

	If oRoot.text <> "C:\program files\Data\rcpt_fej_tfuel.bmp.qsr" Then

		WScript.Echo "Updating rcpt_fuel.bmp for CallIn lane."

		oRoot.text = "C:\program files\Data\rcpt_fej_tfuel.bmp.qsr"


		WScript.Echo "No updated needed for rcpt_fuel.bmp for CallIn lane."

	End If 

end If

WScript.Echo "Saving File"

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Author Comment

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Ahhh ok I think I was missing that I had to set it.  I tried the code I have now and it worked perfectly.  Is the way I have it going to be the best way to go about it ?  Just setting a variable to the xml element updating the text and then moving on to the next ?   I just want to make sure it doesn't bog down my script if I have to change say 30 elements.

sub saveconfig

Dim oXml

Set oXml = CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument")

oXml.async = False


Set oldfiles_xml = oXml.selectsingleNode("/helionizer/config/oldfiles")

oldfiles_xml.text = "C:\oldfiles2"".\config.xml")

end sub

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You are selecting the node and not looping to find it so you should be ok. There may be a more efficient way but unless you are doing 1000s of updates I think you will be ok

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Thanks !

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