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hi there

i know very little about photoshop cs3. i have a small image that i want to be able to print on an a4 page and take up the whole page. how do i do this?

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  1. open the size A4
  2. drag your image there
  3. Ctrl + T
  4. from any corner put the moues arrow on one of them until it turns two arrows showing you can scale
  5. hold the left mouse and drag
  6. to drag from each corner at the same time, Shift + Alt and drag
  7. after that, double click inside the transforming area to confirm scaling
your image that you scale will change the resolution depends on the DPI (dot per inch)

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mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
hold on. when i open a new a4 in photoshop, how can i drag the image in there
open that image
then drag
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mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
if i open that image i cant drag it to anything cos that image takes up the screen. how can i have both open together
you can open them at the same time, go to the image you want to drag, right click on the layer you want to drag to A4, choose Duplicate, from the window chose the destination which is here A4.

if you use CS4, you can swap between images using the tabs at the top or Ctrl+Tab
You can also open the image you want to duplicate, press ctrl+a (select all), shift+ctrl+c (copy merged), then paste it to your new image.

Then scale as noted above.

Note: Depending on how small your image is, it might not look real good when you scale it up to fit your A4. There isn't really anything you can do, other than finding a higher resolution image to start out with, or recreating it.
mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
yeah it looks very blurred. can i use photoshop to re-create it from the image i have currently?
It depends on the image...

If you start a new question with that image attached, we might be able to tell you how to best do it.
If it's a photograph, you're out of luck. If it's any type of line art it can probably be recreated.
mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
so it should b re-created with the correct ammount of pixels for A1 for example and then you could print it as A1??

For print you should to have have pixel dimensions of 7020 x 9930. (23.4 x 33.1 at 300 dpi)
mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
im getting there now. will i go into photoshop and just try to change the pixdels on the image just out of curiousity. when i put in 23.4 inches the pixels change to the correct ammount (7020) for width but for length it changes itself to 11.153 inches and 3346 pixels. if i change the length to 33.1 then the width gets all messed up.
if you go to Image > Image Size
you can see the Resolution
this number will tell you if it is good to use it in the new document or not
300 for print
even if they are the same, some time the problem is in the dimension of the new image
The aspect ratio of your original is not the same as A4. You'll have to decide whether you want to crop part of your image off, or have extra white space.

OPen you image in PS.

Then you should have your image.  If you need to make it bigger.
Use the
change the 72 pixels
to what you need.
SAY 120px

Or what you need.

This will resize the image with becoming pixel-ated

Selvol Ignore resize
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