How do i find SQL 2005 product key

I have a new client who has MS SBS2003 server and SQL 2005 .
The previous IT suppliers installed it.
We want to migrate to a new server but cannot find the SQL2005 software or disks.
It may have been bought as an open licence but Microsoft have no records of there company.
How do we find the product key on the old server
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Geoff BryanConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
That's odd - it works for us:

SQL Server 2003 R2 (not SBS though, which must be causing your problem)
SQL Server 2005 Workgroup edition
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Hello tcn_ltd,

try some third party tools


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Geoff BryanDeveloperCommented:

Produkey v1.35 works with SQL Server 2005 - it lists the Product ID and the Setup Key
tcn_ltdAuthor Commented:
Produkey from nirsoft only finds the product key for sql 2000 which shipped with the sbs server.
The sql 2005 which was added later it does not recognise unless it is useing the same key?
tcn_ltdAuthor Commented:
I think now that SQL2005 was put on as a trial and taken off but left some directories.
They are in fact useing sql200
Thanks for all your help
Is Nirsoft's key finder virus free?
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