Does MDaemon work with sonicwall antispam appliance?

This is using MDaemon v10.0.5 for mailing. There is a built-in antispam. I'm thinking of deploying a hardware antispam from Sonicwall. I heard from my vendor that unless the built-in antispam is not in use, otherwise, sonicwall antispam won't be about to work with MDaemon. This is because sonicwall is using port 25 to talk to MDaemon's port 25.

So, how to "uninstall" MDaemon's antispam? and get sonicwall antispam work with MDaemon?
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To uninstall Antispam in mdaemon, go into the Security menu item and in Spam Filter switch off the Bayesian and Heuristics tick boxes, remove all RBL Hosts too.  If you are concerned that this is not sufficient to turn it off then set the Flag spam but let it continue down delivery path radio button.  Also in the White List, put an entry which reads *@*, which means that all crud is allowed through.  (There should be none in any case LOL).

That's the blinkered "answer", but hang on a minute:  If SonicWall is not transparent in its handshaking with Mdaemon then you will have *other* problems - I have commented here on other such hardware appliances before, and my feeling is that some of them mess with the formatting of the message within the message envelope, causing really obscure problems.  If Sonicwall is transparent then it should be of no consequence whether Mdaemon's antispam is on or off.  Some might say that Mdaemon can take an active role in handshaking of Spam messages coming in being adversely affected by SonicWall's presence - yes, but, the same type of handshaking is also evident if someone external is sending a message to an unknown address in Mdaemon - It is usually a good idea for Mdaemon to reject that in the handshaking stages, rather than accepting it in then sending a separate "no such user" message back (which is unnecessarily spamming other people).  So unless SonicWall is also configured with your up to date Mailbox user and Alias list I wonder whether this is an effective combination.

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>If SonicWall is not transparent in its handshaking with Mdaemon then you will have *other* problems

Sorry, "will" is a bit of a strong word here, pls replace with "may".
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