Problems with PowerPoint Automation using VSTO / C#


I have problem using VSTO (I'm using C#).

I want to start and monitor a powerpoint slideshow.
I am able to start the presentation but the next-page/previous-page (Down/Up, Page-Down/Up) buttons do not work - they simply do not respond. Even rlight-click on the slide-show window (with previous/next/end-slideshow context menu) does not work.
Everything else works - specifically, "Esc" to stop the slideshow.

Pls help.

SlideShowSettings sss = currentPresentation.SlideShowSettings;
//sss.StartingSlide = 1;
//sss.EndingSlide = currentPresentation.Slides.Count;
SlideShowWindow win = sss.Run();
while (Application.SlideShowWindows.Count >= 1)
MessageBox.Show("Show finished...");

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What is the purpose of the While loop? If you want to run some code when the slide show exits you can create a handler for the Application objects SlideShowEnd event and put your code in there i.e. the Messagebox line. If you remove the While loop, the slideshow will respond.


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mgauravAuthor Commented:
Actually, I  got this code from MSDN... Thanks anyway... :-)
Wow! They posted that on MSDN? It's no wonder that so many developers are struggling to create good VSTO applications!
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