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How to access System.Windows.Forms resources?

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Last Modified: 2013-12-17
I would like to access the resources in System.Windows.Forms, specifically icons and assign them to misc buttons.

I know I could rip them and add them to the Resource file of the Project, however that would be a lot of work considering the number of icons I need to use.

Please provide small code sample in C#, thanks in advance!
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This looks good, is there anyway to access these from the VS 2005 Form Designer?
Do you mean:
"global::<projectname>.Properties.Resources" ???


Exactly, I have tried


with no success...
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> This looks good, is there anyway to access these from the VS 2005 Form Designer?
You cannot access these elements directly from the form designer because the Visual Studio has never seemed it necessary to make it possible to browse the resources inside a DLL directly from the Form designer (i.e., when you select Image of a Picturebox). It is however possible to load the DLL directly in VS to browse the resources, but then you'd have to save them to another location.

Doing that in one time in a loop as I showed above (you can simply copy the Stream to disk) is then much easier.

If you want to access them by code, you can do so too, using just the same technique.

-- Abel --
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> global::System.Windows.Forms.Resources
That won't work, because that should mean that the Resources property should be implemented and made public. The Resources property the way you know it is added by Visual Studio as a convenience but does not have to be implemented.


Thanks for your abel!
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Just tried it as a little experiment, to be sure what I was telling was correct and the screenshot shows a few of the output bmp files that I have from the Forms.dll. Use the following code to "dump" all the ico, bmp and other resources from any dll:

Assembly asm = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(Form));
string[] resources = asm.GetManifestResourceNames();
foreach (string s in resources)
    using (Stream strIn = asm.GetManifestResourceStream(s))
    using(Stream strOut = File.Open(@"d:\temp\data\" + s, FileMode.OpenOrCreate))
        BufferedStream outStream = new BufferedStream(strOut);
        BufferedStream inStream = new BufferedStream(strIn);
        byte[] buf = new byte[4096];
        int bytesRead = 0;
        while ((bytesRead = inStream.Read(buf, 0, 4096)) > 0)
            outStream.Write(buf, 0, bytesRead);

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You're welcome (just saw you already graded, but figured you'd like to know how to access / save the resource) ;-)

it is not "global::System.Windows.Forms.Resources".
You shouldn't write "System" but your project's name....
As far as I know (and I'm using this code), it should work.

Anyway, glad it's working that other way too! :-) (and I learned something new...)
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> You shouldn't write "System" but your project's name....
> As far as I know (and I'm using this code), it should work.

You may want to check the OP's question again: (s)he doesn't want his/her self created resources, but the resources from another DLL, which is in this case the loaded DLL System.Windows.Forms.DLL. You cannot access that by using your own classname, because that would refer to your own class.
Sorry, and thanks!
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