How to manage linked reports in Reporting Service

Hi there:
   Linked reports are great feature but it gets a bit messy when large amount of linked reports are being created...For example, is there any quick way to find out the list of people who has a specific linked report? So far, I managed all the jobs via report manager but those tedious clickings
just drove me insane, is there any convenient tools available so that I could use to manage linked reports?


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Auric1983Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This tip from MS SQL Tips is great

You can query the Reporting Services DB to find out who is doing what.
HuiShiAuthor Commented:
thanks for the tips, do you know the meaning of each columns in the catalog table??
Off hand no, but I can try to dig through it
HuiShiAuthor Commented:
thanks , I googled around but could not find the meanings of each column yet....
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