How Do I Get / Set The Value of MultiValued Field / ComboBox in Visual Basic for Applications Under Access 2007?

Before updating the text field to a multi-value field / combo box, I was using:

 Me.<Textbox Name>.Value = <Value> to set the value

Me.<Textbox Name>.Value  to retrieve the value

After updating this field to a multi-value field, the above code no longer works. I've looked at all of the properties and consulted the help menu.  The help menu mentions using DAO to retrieve the parent recordset and then setting a childrecordset to the multivalue field in the parent recordset to browse the selected value.  I've been successful in doing that, but how do I set with vba which values I want selected in the child recordset and how would I pass this back in the parent recordset for submission to the database?
Here is how I would browse the value of the field and this works:
Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim rs As Recordset
Dim childRS As Recordset
Set db = CurrentDb
' Get Primary RecordSet Note
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM Notes WHERE Note_ID = " & Me.Note_ID)
Set childRS = rs.Fields("Code").Value
Do Until childRS.EOF
MsgBox (childRS.Fields("Value").Value)

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Look at the property ItemsSelected.  When you selected multiple rows the row numbers are stored in a zero based array called Items Selected.  Help has some good examples in 2003 for multi-select list boxes - I imagine similar for these new Combo boxes in A2007.
davysouthernboyAuthor Commented:
GRayL,  I looked at the ItemSelected property and wrote this code:

Dim CodeCount As Integer
For CodeCount = 0 To Code.ItemsSelected.Count - 1
MsgBox ("Item: " & Code.ItemsSelected.Item(CodeCount))
MsgBox ("Value: " & Code.ItemData(Code.ItemsSelected.Item(CodeCount)))
Next CodeCount

The Code.ItemSelected.Item(CodeCount) line correctly returns the row of the selected item.

However, the line Code.ItemData(Code.ItemsSelected.Item(CodeCount))) returns a blank / empty string everytime.

What am I doing wrong?
The format for this is:


If you want the second column of the combo, set the 0 to 1.  If you are calling the routine from within the code module of the form, you can replace 'forms!frmName!' with 'Me!'

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davysouthernboyAuthor Commented:
GrayL, Thank you!  That worked like a charm.  So now I know how to get the values of the selected items in VBA.  Could you please tell me how I could programatically set which values in the combobox are selected in VBA?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
If it's anything like listboxes, you will have to select items by the "Row" number.

Something like this:
Me.List0.Selected(2) = True
Me.List0.Selected(5) = True

davysouthernboyAuthor Commented:
I put both

Me.Code.Selected(2) = True


Me!Code.Selected(2) = True

but it did not work.
Any other ideas?  What's the difference between putting an exclamation mark and a period by the way?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
< What's the difference between putting an exclamation mark and a period by the way?>

You could debate this for days.
Basically the Exclamation point (Bang) is used to list the "Members" of an object.
The Period (Dot) is used to list properties.
Many times they are interchangeable.

Is this a listbox, Combobox, or some sort hybrid that is only available in Access 2007?
Be very careful when jumping to use these new Multi-Valued-Fields:
(Please remember that database have been designed for decades without the use of this "MS Access olny" feature.)
And that they mask and or limit your abilty to design versitile database designs.
(just be carefull)

! - something you made
. - something M$ made.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Thanks Ray, I had forgotten about your little poem.

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