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2008 OEM licensing

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Last Modified: 2013-11-25
I want to install Microsoft Server 2008 Standard on a server Im building.  How do I obtain this?  Can I buy a system builder OEM package (has media and sticker), or must I buy retail?  My company also has an Open License agreement with MS, but I think all OS licenses are for upgrades only (cant install on a naked box).
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if you want to buy an oem copy - you will need to buy hardware to go with it - that's the whole nature of OEM i'm afraid.  your looking at retail or speaking to M$ to see what they can do dealwise if you "trade up" your upgrade license for a full one.



I know it needs to be bundled with a computer, or the target hardware.  Is 2008 available as OEM?  I don't see it at newegg.  
I have bought 2008 as an oem through Dell several times.  It definately can be sold with new hardware - like i said, this is how OEM works.

Your best bet is to call M$, explain your situation and get them to quote you for an upgrade - worked ok for the college I'm currently working with.


I'm a bit confused by your reference to "upgrade".  I'm not upgrading.
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you want to install 2008 onto a server which doesnt currently have a server os and you only have an upgrade license as far as i understand.

If you speak to microsoft you can upgrade the license type from an upgrade license to a full retail license for a small fee which will give you the type of license you require
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