How do I change Antivirus Client's Parent Server to point to Symantec's site instead?

Server1: Running Symantec System center Clients SAV 10.1.5 have this server as the 'parent server'.
Server2: Installed Symantec Endpoint (fresh install) on Server2. We have push-installed Symantec Endpoint Protection on new clients. We are not migrating.
Server1 is going to be retired very soon and would like all the existing clients that point to this 'parent server' to get their updates from the liveupdate site instead. These clients will slowly be upgraded to endpoint as we get to them.
How can I accomplish this?
I read articles about copying over the GRC.DAT and root certs to the clients however, we have 1000+ clients and will be a next to impossible task to do at this time.
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EndPoint is a completely different product, not an update; 10.x clients cant get updates from EndPoint Protection Manager 11.0, and you cant convert a managed 10.1.5 client to unmanaged without reinstalling the client.

Also, Symantec System Center Console is incompatible with EndPoint. If you dont want to deploy EndPoint yet, you will have to find a third computer to run System Center Console. You could create a logon script to copy the new GRC.DAT and the certificate to each PC.

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apusysadminAuthor Commented:
We have deployed Endpoint on a different server and already added new clients. The old clients on Symantec System Centers is what i'm concerned about since we will be turning off the old server verys oon. When you said 'you can't convert a managed 10.1.5 client to unmanaged without reinstalling the client' If they were unmanaged could we then point out to Symantec site to get updates?
Yes, if they're unmanaged, they will download updates from Symantec. I'm not sure what you mean by "If" they were unmanaged; are you thinking of redeploying SAV 10.1.5 instead of SEP 11.0.4202?

Changing a Symantec AntiVirus client from managed to unmanaged
apusysadminAuthor Commented:
We are cutting over to SEP 11.0.4 soon.
What would you recommend we do given our scenario? we have 1000+ managed clients that are getting updates from the old SAV 10 server (soon to be retired) and will need for them to get their updates from the symantec instead. Is uninstallin/installing the client the only way to accomplish this? we couldn't use the Symantec System Center?
If you're not ready to start using SEP on all these, then I would recommend setting up System Center Console and SAV on a third server. If you install it into the existing group, you won't have to copy a new certificate to all the PCs. You can probably drag and drop most of the clients to the new server, then make it the primary server.
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